Altec Lansing MZX206W MUZX Headphones with Mic and call function (WHITE)

Buying the Altec Lansing MZX206W MUZX Headphones with Mic and call function (WHITE) will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap Altec Lansing MZX206W MUZX Headphones with Mic and call function (WHITE).

Altec Lansing MZX206W MUZX Headphones with Mic and call function (WHITE)

  • Driver : 10mm
  • Freq. Response: 20 Hz ? 20 kHz
  • Connection: 3.5mm
  • Cloth Cable Length 1.2m w/ moisture and friction resistant coating
  • Mic with call answer/end


A cell phone headset provides a hands free option for cellular communication as you go through life’s duties.

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3 Responses to “Altec Lansing MZX206W MUZX Headphones with Mic and call function (WHITE)

  • Review by Bojan Tunguz "Dr. Bojan Tunguz"

    These headphones are designed primarily with iPhone/iPod users in mind. I love my iPhone and think it’s probably the best piece of consumer electronics that I’ve ever owned, but its headphones leave a lot to be desired. The one-size-fits-all design does not fit my ears well at all, and I find myself constantly having to adjust them. This becomes very tedious if I am engaged in any sort of physical activity. Furthermore, the rubberized headphone covering are not very durable and I have never owned a pair that didn’t start showing a significant signs of wear after just a few months of use. With respect to both of these issues, Altec Lansing headphones are a significant improvement. These headphones come with three different pairs of silicone tips and chances are that at least one of them will fit your ears comfortably. I have actually tried all three of them, and I find that any one of them is a significant improvement over Apple’s headphones. In addition to fitting well these tips are very soft and comfortable, much more so than any pair of in-ear headphones that I had come across before. I didn’t mind having them in my ears for extended periods of time.

    The noise canceling feature works great. The quality of sound is really good, and has improved my music listening experience considerably. However, the noise-canceling feature is a bit annoying when used for telephony. The incoming voice is very clear, but you hear your own voice in a very disembodied way which makes it sound rather odd. Other than that, the microphone and calling features of these headphones work great, and I have tested them with both the regular phone line as well as with VOIP using Skype.

    I have tested them on both an iPhone 3GS and iPad, and in both of these cases they worked great. The only issue that I had with the iPad was that the headphone plug took a bit of force to insert, but on the other hand it was a very snug fit.

    The microphone is located a bit closer to the earplugs than on the Apple headphones. This may help with the clarity of sound, but it makes it a bit awkward to reach for the incoming call/pause button. This one button is the only one on the headphones, which means that you don’t have the volume controls located on them. This is unfortunate as this feature is one of my favorites on the recent editions of Apple headphones and would have liked to have it replicated withe these headphones as well.

    I am personally not the biggest fan of gold-on-white color scheme of these headphones. It reminds me a bit too much of an old fashioned chandelier, but that’s just my esthetic preference.

    Overall, these are worthy replacement headphones for your Apple device, and are very suitable for any other MP3 player as well. The price tag is also reasonable, and it makes these headphones a very good value for money.

  • Review by T. S. Ferguson "Phillyfergs"

    These headphones are excellent for listening to music as they cancel out all outside noise interference and the different size ear buds are perfect. The soft silicone tips were comfortable to wear. I typically have a problem with the one-size fits all ear buds, as my ears are more on the small size. These ear buds stayed in my ears without any issue and were comfortable for hours. The sound quality was excellent and enhanced my listening experience. I used them with a 3GS iPhone.

    When making and receiving calls the one touch hang up feature button was quite a plus. I was able to answer calls and disconnect them with the ease of one button touch. The microphone, however, seemed to cause me some problems as I was getting a lot of complaints that the party on the other line could not hear me unless I physically picked up the microphone and placed it closer to my mouth, almost right on top of my mouth. For me, the microphone seemed to hang too low from my mouth no matter how loudly I spoke.

    Overall, I use these more as earphones for listening to music as they are excellent in that regard, but despite their having a microphone attached, I don’t feel this microphone feature is a plus.

  • Review by W. Barker ""http://wendisbookcorner.blogs...

    These earbuds provide me with crystal clear sound while deadening the noises around me that I’m trying to block out. They are comfortable to wear and have worked with everything I’ve plugged them into (they do not work with my phone as I have a different connection, so the phone/speaking features were not tested).

    As far as the sound, I can’t really say anything other than I am amazed and very pleasantly surprised. The earbuds provide clear and balanced sound that seems to simply surround me (no distracting outside sounds, just clear music). Sometimes I actually lose myself in the music as it seems so REAL.

    The earbuds come with three different silicone ear tips/covers (small, medium, large) which make it easy to find the best fit. With fit, I found that the more secure I have the earbuds in my ear, the more clear the music is and the less I can hear anything else (when I’m using my computer, I can’t even hear the keys being pressed as I type). I do tend to like to hear what is going on around me, so I tend to wear them a little looser. One note: make sure you have the ear tips/covers securely attached to the actual earbuds. I didn’t have one completely attached, and it vibrated in my ear a little until I fixed it, then it worked perfectly and I have not needed to adjust it since.

    The earbuds are extremely comfortable to wear. They are soft to the touch, fit nicely in my ear and don’t seem to weigh anything at all.

    Given the clear sound, comfort and easy use, I have now found a new favorite for headphones/earbuds!

    Note: So far I have used the earphones with my MP3 player, my car radio, a portable dvd player and my computer. They have worked great with each!

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