AT&T 90892 Noise Cancelling Headsets

Buying the AT&T 90892 Noise Cancelling Headsets will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap AT&T 90892 Noise Cancelling Headsets (Cherry).

AT&T 90892 Noise Cancelling Headsets

  • Hands-free mobility
  • Fits cordless and cellular phones with 2.5-millimeter jack
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and versatile
  • Noise-canceling microphone helps eliminate echoes and filters room noise
  • Fun cherry color


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

The At&t 90891 Cherry Noise-cancelling headset is a lightweight versatile option for hands free conversations on both cordless and cellular phones. The high quality microphone helps eliminate echoes and filters room noise.

Check out the other customer’s reviews before making a purchase.

One Response to “AT&T 90892 Noise Cancelling Headsets

  • Review by E. Good

    My expectations weren’t too high for this inexpensive headset, so when I could barely hear anything when I first tried it I wasn’t surprised…. But then I figured out that the plug wasn’t completely pushed in (it needs to CLICK) and suddenly it worked perfectly and clearly!

    I found the microphone to be well placed. The ones off to the side don’t work for me. And I never eat while on the phone, so it never gets ‘in the way’… I use it on an at&t DECT6.0 phone system, SL822x8.

    I doubt if this would be a good solution if you planned to wear it all day, but for an hour or so, it’s great!

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