Blackberry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Cheap prices for Blackberry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset and Charging Cradle – ASY-12747-002 are available to purchase now. There are 12 reviews for this priced cheap Blackberry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset and Charging Cradle – ASY-12747-002.

Blackberry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset and Charging Cradle – ASY-12747-002

  • Supports 128-bit encryption to ensure the privacy of your phone calls
  • Full encryption is available when pairing to a BlackBerry device using v4.2 software
  • DSP – Digital Sound Processing reduces background noise and improves sound quality
  • Pocket case vibrates with each incoming call, while the headset controls volume and mute options
  • Supports voice-activated dialing and last number redial


A cell phone headset provides a hands free option for cellular communication as you go through life’s duties.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

Featuring active noise reduction with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for maximum audio clarity even in loud environments, an ear hook stabilizer for comfort and stability, and a set of soft-gel ear tips in three different sizes for optimal fit, this headset is designed to deliver the highest communication quality. And with support for 128-bit encryption, it also helps to ensure your communications are secure. Comfort and convenience combined. With its sleek, contoured design, the headset weighs

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5 Responses to “Blackberry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

  • Review by B. Naquin

    B. Naquin
    Headset is lightweight, compact and very comfortable. The storage charger is convenient. I connected it to a Blackberry Bold. The noise cancellation is in my opinion not as good as a Jawbone. The clarity of the audio seemed a little muffled. However, for everyday normal use it is more than adequate. It is very comfortable to wear and its small size makes it less obvious. I rated it a 4 out of 5 only because I noticed the audio clarity. Setting the volume on the phone and the headset seemed to minimize the problem. If you always use the headset, once it is set, it stays set. However, if you use the speaker phone and vary the volume on the phone, you will have to reset it when you go to the headset. Overall it is one of the best headsets for the Blackberry.

  • Review by APF

    Blackberry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset (Black):

    For the final price of […] this BT headset is a good value.

    Pros: Light-weight, fits good in my ear, sound quality is good, although voices sound a little muffled.

    Cons: Buttons are hard to press, can be charged only in the special case that comes with it, silly blue light that illuminates the main button.

    I find it very uncomfortable when I have to press and hold the main button to turn the 655+ on or to activate voice dialing because the strength required to operate the button pushes the headset into my ear canal.

    I am not a fan of headsets that flash silly blue light, while it may not be very noticeable during the day, it is very noticeable in the dark. 655+’s main button with the BB logo flashes blue light when it is on. I prefer Nokia’s approach with a very small and discrete light.

    I see the necessity to use the charging case as another downside of 655+. Unless you have two charging cases or carry one with you all the time, you cannot charge head set at home and in the car.

    Bottom line. Given all the cons, at five dollars it is a good value, but I’d be disappointed if I paid more.

  • Review by J. L. Sanchez

    J. L. Sanchez
    This is a great item. You can put it on your pocket and only use it when you get a call. Not like the other bluetooth headset that you have to wear it all the time. It’s very confortable. I will recommend it 100%

  • Review by D. Wooten

    D. Wooten
    This was my 4th bluetooth headset. 1st was a Motorola and it was junk. I worked for a week until I dropped it and it broke. 2nd was a Plantronics 220. I loved the 220, it worked great until…my dog ate it. So I got a Plantronics 520 and it was the best headset of the bunch. I left it on my desk at work one day and someone stole it. So I did some looking and found this Black Berry headset that is actually made by Plantronics. I thought I would like the pocket storage thing that comes with it but it was too bulky to use daily. I don’t wear mine unless I am on the phone and thought keeping the headset in the storage thing would work great, but I didn’t like the fact that it answers the phone as soon as you take it out of the storage thing and there is no way to change that. The ear loop seems fragile. 3 sizes of ear buds come with the headset but the ear bud can turn making it difficult to get it in your ear. When you get it in your ear, you can hear great, But I had to hold it in place to hear the best. People on the other end had issues hearing me unless I held it in place. It may be a great headset for some, but it just didn’t live up to the Plantronics 520. So I gave this one to my wife and ordered a new Plantronics 520.

  • Review by Cesar Villalta

    Cesar Villalta
    I receive a fake part, everything was in perfect condition but is not authentic, it didn’t come in genuige package. The power adapter is motorola.

    The seller didn’t mention that in the specifications.

    I requeste a refund and received inmediatly without questions.

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