Bluetooth Headset 3 Wear Styles Noise Canceling Express

Cheap prices for Bluetooth Headset 3 Wear Styles Noise Canceling Express are available to purchase now. There are 9 reviews for this priced cheap Bluetooth Headset 3 Wear Styles Noise Canceling Express.

Bluetooth Headset 3 Wear Styles Noise Canceling Express

  • Advanced noise-canceling and Xtreme Noise Suppression technologies block out city traffic, road noise, etc.
  • Multiple wearing styles: over-the-ear, over-the-head and behind-the-neck (can be worn on either ear)
  • High-quality audio receiver with a wide range of volume adjustment, provides crystal-clear conversations even in the noisiest of environments
  • Multipoint technology allows seamless switching between 2 Bluetooth devices
  • 1-touch multfunction button activates power on/off, answer/end, voice dial, call waiting and pairing commands


A cell phone headset provides a hands free option for cellular communication as you go through life’s duties.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

3 charging options AC charger for home, DC charger for vehicle use and USB cable for charging via computer Ideal for delivery drivers, long-haul truck drivers, road warriors and mobile professionals128-bit encryption offers safe, secure and private conversationsSupported Bluetooth profiles: Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Headset Profile (HSP)Up to 16 hours talk time or 150 hours standbyCompliant with Bluetooth v2.0 up to 66′ from BlueParrott baseIncludes flexible ear hook, headband, neckband, 2 size

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Price: $ 78.53

5 Responses to “Bluetooth Headset 3 Wear Styles Noise Canceling Express

  • Review by S. Lam

    S. Lam
    I bought this headset because it’s one of the few behind the ear headsets available, and I wanted to use it with a bicycle helmet. I also own the VXI B250XT (over the head unit) which has great noise reduction esp outside, but has a wind screen on the mic.

    This unit sounds equally great, but has options for behind the neck and typical ear loop. I use the behind the neck which is a bit tight on my head (large hat size). It’s not the easiest thing to do to if you want to switch between the different configurations.

    Outside, if it’s windy (or if i’m on a bike in my case), you can hear the wind noise. It was easily fixed by putting a windscreen on it I stole from my xbox headset. Other than that, it’s a great unit.

  • Review by L. B. Glass

    L. B. Glass
    I bought this headset after first trying a Plantronics Voyager Pro. The Voyager sounded fantastic (both talking and listening) but wasn’t compatible with safety glasses or a hard hat. (I’m an engineer, and need to wear safety gear when I go out in the field.) The VXI BlueParrott Xpressway ALMOST solves that problem (more below) but has some quirks and bugs of its own that need attention from the manufacturer.


    * Very long battery life – can be charged once a week instead of every day or two

    * Buttons big and easy to find

    * Multiple wearing options (but see below)

    * Comes with car and AC chargers; can also charge from USB

    * Mic boom is bendable

    * Plenty of volume


    * Bluetooth very susceptible to radio interference. Walk past a Wi-Fi access point (which are all over!) during a call and there may be clicks or bursts of white noise. Wasn’t a problem with Voyager; could be due to attempt to give the headset a longer range. Maybe it should have a sensitivity adjustment?

    * Sometimes disconnects from phone with no warning; possibly also an RF issue or a software bug. Never happened with the Voyager

    * Sometimes, when one pushes the button to answer a call, the phone answers the call but there’s no audio on either the headset or the phone. Have to shut down the headset to get audio on the phone… if the caller is still there by that time!

    * Ear hook is ill-fitting, useless for everyone I’ve tried it on

    * Phone’s voice prompts (I am using a Motorola Quantico) loud and distorted; did not have this problem with Voyager Pro. AGC issue?

    * Noise cancellation nowhere near as good as Voyager Pro. Susceptible to wind noise. Phone’s voice recognition fails often, especially in wind. A pop screen (get the one for their older 250 model or from another piece of equipment) helps somewhat and should be included

    * No way to read battery status from the headset. Will complain when it’s running out; that’s only warning you get

    * Mini-USB jack needs a cover or stopper to keep out dust and rain, especially if worn on left ear (which causes the jack to face up)

    And then there’s the biggest problem for me personally: it’s not fully ambidextrous.

    As I’ve mentioned, I need to wear the headset while working — often with a hard hat and/or safety glasses or while operating power tools or machinery. I’m right handed, so I need to wear a headset on the left side of my head. That way, I can reach the buttons without having to free up my right hand or reach around with my left. One key reason I bought this headset was that it had a “behind the neck” wearing option, which would not interfere with glasses or hats. (The over-the-top headband won’t work with any kind of hat, and the ear hook is so badly shaped that it won’t fit my ear or the ear of anyone I’ve asked to try it at all.) Alas, to my great disappointment, the “behind the neck” bracket can only position the headset on the right side of the head, not the left, creating a safety hazard.

    I’m sure that these problems are all curable. It’s just as easy to make a left-handed “behind the neck” bracket as a right-handed one, and hopefully things like the inability to determine the battery level and the problems with interference and distortion can be fixed with software or hardware upgrades. (Plantronics has obviously conquered these issues.) I’m thinking that I bought this unit too soon and should have waited for Version 2.0…. Hopefully VXI will offer solutions to these problems for existing customers.

    Addendum: Three months later, VXI has come out with newer firmware (1.3 instead of 1.1) for the headset. Alas, while the company knows about the incompatibility issues with Motorola phones such as mine, it hasn’t fixed them; it just blames them on Motorola. (Plantronics headsets work fine.) Frequently, I still press the button on the headset to answer a call and get no audio (the caller often hangs up before I can turn off the headset and use the phone’s mic and speaker). I still get bursts of static near Wi-Fi, and have trouble with the phone’s voice recognizer failing to understand me. And there’s still no left-handed behind-the-neck bracket! I’ve given this headset a good shot, but may trade it in for yet another.

  • Review by Ruth Dobrowolski

    Ruth Dobrowolski
    I was tring to use this headset with a plantronics CalistoPro. I currently DO use a BlueParrot – but this headset was slicker. Since it was sold by the same company – I thought there would be no problem. But – there is. The headset drops connection to the phone often. Unfortuate because I really do like the sound clarity, size, weight – actually everything about it is great – except the connection dropping. I am still in the process of testing to see if I can find what is causing the conn to be dropped – but at this point I have reverted back to my old BlueParrot headset.

  • Review by Deborah Gardner

    Deborah Gardner
    I bought this for my husband who drives a big tractor-trailer, which has a noisy cab and 18-wheels vibrating down the interstate every day. This headset is EXCELLENT!! It actually works! He can hear me (and all other callers) and I can hear him great. It doesn’t even sound like he’s on a headset. He’s had it maybe a month, so I’m hoping it lasts a long time because the sound quality is excellent. The attachments that come in the box are pretty impressive too. Well made, and allow the user to adapt a headset style that he/she prefers.

    For the money, it’s a great investment. I’d rate this 10-Stars!

  • Review by Catherine Moss

    Catherine Moss
    OK- so they may look like something a telemarketer would wear, but this bluetooth is AWESOME! My husband is a truck driver, which needless to say, is a noisy job- this bluetooth cancels out EVERYTHING but his voice- it comes through crystal clear. I had to buy me another one of these because he STOLE mine all ready!! I LOVE the options to wear it different ways, and the fact it can charge while you talk. SUPER long battery life- WORTH EVERY CENT!

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