Bluetooth Headset with Adjustable Ear-Hook

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Bluetooth Headset with Adjustable Ear-Hook


Taking notes while listening to a conversation.

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  • Review by S&R

    We bought the Jabra BT125 and the more expensive Plantronics Discovery 610 at about 6 months ago. The Jabra has better sound quality and volume for both listening and talking, but the Plantronics fits better and is more durable. It fits tigely in the ear canal and has a durable wire over the ear band that is comfortable. I find i have to keep fiddling with it to get a tight fit it he ear canal so i can hear well. The Jabra rides loosely on the ear and the ear band broke after several months of use. 5 new bands cost $7+$4 shipping = $11. I prefer the Jabra, and my wife prefers the Plantronics. If possible, try on the Jabra. If its looseness doesn’t bother you, go with it.

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