Body Glove EarGlove EarBud Headsets Reviews

Cheap prices for the body glove earbud headsetĀ are available to purchase now. There are 2 reviews for this priced cheap Body Glove EarGlove Sport – Headset ( ear-bud ).

Body Glove EarGlove Sport – Headset ( ear-bud )

  • Lightweight and flexible–wraps around the ear
  • Dual wearing styles, with or without earloop
  • Single touch answer/end button (phone dependent)
  • Tangle-resistant cord
  • Match your work-out clothes with included “Neosleeves” in 3 colors


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

The Earglove by Body Glove is a sleek and discreet headset for those who are always on the go. Ultra lightweight and comfortable, it fits equally well on either the right or left ear. This Earglove sport headset is perfect for comfortable listening while you are jogging or exercising. It is the ideal hands-free headset for active lifestyles, offering curved ear-loops to hold the ear buds securely in place. This is a universal set designed to work with any phone’s 2.5 mm headset jack.

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Rating: (stars out of 2 reviews)

Price: $ 6.49

4 Responses to “Body Glove EarGlove EarBud Headsets Reviews

  • Review by J. seger

    J. seger
    I bought a pair of these elsewhere and will be returning them after less than 24 hours. None of the three sizes of ear gels fit securely. The over the ear loops did no good whatsoever. The “tangle resistant” cord was just stiff and awkward, contributing to the difficulty with keeping the blessed things in my ears.

  • Review by M. Nelson

    M. Nelson
    The over the ear support keeps the pressure off the ear bud and keeps it in my ear. I prefer this design to the ones that just hang down from your ear and are always falling out. My only complaint is the soft rubber around the ear speaker keeps falling off. There should be a place to easily buy lots of those as replacements.

  • […] come in several different styles, both wired and Bluetooth. The most popular style remains the mono ear bud. Another style of cell phone headset accessory for Bluetooth is the over-the-ear hook design. For […]

  • Review by Nehal

    Use Update: I had the mic on the Voyager 510 crap out on me in November. I used Plantronic’s website to e-mail the pelborm and the service tech gave some ideas for fixes. After none of the fixes worked, I returned the product and they replaced it with a brand new one for free. I beat this thing up for several hours a day, so while I wasn’t pleased about the mic dying, I was very pleased with the Plantronics service. After sending my old headset in, I had a new one within a week. Original Review This is a review of the Plantronics Voyager 510 based on my comparative experience with this headset against a Motorola H500 possibly the most popular headset out there. It was/is being used with a Motorola E815 cell phone on the Verizon Wireless network. I am on the cell phone for business over 1000 minutes per month. Comfort: I’ve seen a few reviews where this headset is less comfortable. Compared to the Motorola H500, I think it’s much more comfortable as it’s more flexible (doesn’t look like it in the pictures though). The grasp of the ear clip is not as strong, and that means it might feel a bit less secure on your ear, but it’s also wearable for long periods of time. The Motorola H500 was tight enough on my ear that after 30 minutes, the pressure on the back of my ear was painful not good when conference calls are usually over 30 minutes long. Additionally, with 3 sizes for the ear-piece, once I got the correct size attached to the Voyager 510, it helped make the whole set fit more snugly and securely. Listening Quality: With the Motorola H500, major static was present even with the phone held right next to the headset. None of that is present with the Plantronics Voyager 510. I should note that in terms of volume, the Voyager was significantly less loud until I got the right ear piece in. Not that the ear piece is snug (and not a few millimeters away from my ear) I can hear just fine. As the Motorola comes with a single ear piece, I never got it quite so dialed in. Transmission Quality: Often people who I called complained about the incredibly bad quality of my signal with the Motorola H500. When I was in a perfectly silent room, the H500 was ok. When in the car, it was almost totally unsuable if I had to speak. I’m not sure if the Plantronics noise reduction really works, but people don’t complain about my voice quality, and I certainly don’t have to yell to be heard. People noted that they received me louder with the Motorola, but were happier with the Plantronics as I didn’t cut in and out. Range: Range was poor on the Motorola. If I had the phone clipped to the belt and the H500 on the opposite ear (so my body was between the phone and headset), the reception would cut in and out. If I walked more than 10 feet away from the phone, the H500 would cut in and out. With the Plantronics, I can walk up to 20 feet away without pelborms. The only issue is if there is a wall between the phone and the Plantronics. Otherwise reception and range are much better than the H500. Controls: Yes everyone is right about the on/off button being poorly placed and not user friendly on the Plantronics Voyager 510. That said, I don’t use it anyway in favor of just controlling functions from the phone. The only headset functions I use on the headset are increasing the volume control which works well and easily. One nice feature of the Plantronics is the ability to switch a call back to the phone. This was not available on the Motorola. User friendly controls go to the Motorola in this case, but just barely because of the way I personally use the headset. Overall I obviously am keeping the Plantronics. It’s larger than the Motorola by far and less stable on the ear. However, it’s more comfortable, has much better reception and transmission quality. 2 thumbs up!!

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