Bose A20 Aviation Portable Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Before buying Bose A20 Aviation Portable Bluetooth Headset take a look at the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Bose® A20 aviation headset – portable model, Bluetooth.

Bose A20 Aviation Portable Bluetooth Headset Reviews

  • Newly designed pilot headset offers significantly better noise reduction in even louder environments
  • Provides greater comfort and stability, with more room for your ears
  • Auxiliary audio input for GPS and other devices
  • Bluetooth® mobile phone connectivity lets you receive calls wirelessly without removing headset
  • Meets or exceeds all FAA and JAA TSO requirements


In many states, there are fines for people who are caught talking on a cell phone. Talk in your car without fear of the police pulling you over and giving you a ticket.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

The A20 aviation headset is the most advanced Bose pilot headset yet. Its breakthrough innovations reduce more noise and provide even greater comfort than previous models, without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. Plus, the A20 aviation headset now includes auxiliary audio input and Bluetooth phone connectivity. The next-generation pilot headset from Bose. More than 20 years ago, Bose introduced active noise reducing headsets to aviation-and launched an entire industry.

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3 Responses to “Bose A20 Aviation Portable Bluetooth Headset Reviews

  • Review by AK

    I needed a TSO headset for Part 121 flying. I tried the Sennheisers, the Telex, Lightspeed Zulu, and the Clarity Aloft noise canceling headsets over an extended period of time. My Clarity Aloft headsets finally failed after 5 years and it was time for something better. I decided to go BIG because I spend a lot of time flying the friendly skies and I wanted something comfortable and functional. Of all of the headsets, the Zulu’s were close to the Bose but the Bose A20’s win based on comfort and imperceptible weight. Sennheiser was a distant third, then Clarity Aloft (YUK), and finally the Telex’s are not in this class of headset.

    I was amazed at the noise canceling and comfort of the BOSE A20’s. The earcups are soft, there is no clamping of your head, I can wear them coast to coast, and the stereo quality of the AUX inputs is excellent. ATC calls and transmissions are clear as a bell. My only issue is that the noise canceling is so good that there is a tendency to p#ss off the guy your flying with if you have both earcups on and he wants to talk. It can be annoying to start every communication with “huh? what did you say?” I’ve learned over the years with noise canceling headphones to put the earcup facing the other pilot slightly off center of my ear so that I can hear him on the first pass. If he really wants to talk, I just take the earcup further off of the ear.

    I am kind of an audio freak and think I would rate the stereo audio quality as excellent, not crystal clear like Etymotic ER4P headset clear, but pretty close, definitely excellent. I didn’t go with the Bluetooth version because it didn’t inject audio, only phone.

    Overall, the Bose A20’s are worth the money, glad I have them!! I think I’ll have to be really careful they don’t walk away.

    UPDATE 2/14/2011
    Unfortunately, I have decided to return these headsets in the 30 day trial period. After the first week, these headsets started to “hotspot” the top center of my head and became uncomfortable after several straight hours of continuous flying. The sound quality was excellent but it came down to a comfort issue. There were a few annoying things.
    1) If you set the headsets to STEREO, for AUX input stereo, then ATC only comes in on the left ear.
    2) The brainbox is kind of heavy and pulls down on your head alot when you turn your head.
    3) the “hotspot” issue.

    I’d recommend these headsets for single/multi engine piston pilots and instructors more than for part 121.

  • Review by J. Benbrooks

    Admittedly, I stepped from a $200 “vice grip” head set model to the $1100 Bose A20, so my opinion of the A20 is obviously high in comparison. Here is what I can fairly state about the Bose A20:

    First, the ANR truly is remarkable. I have not compared Bose’s technology with others’ such as Lightspeed, but I don’t think you could be disappointed with Bose. On a recent flight, I traded my Bose A20 with the other pilot’s Bose X. While the ANR difference between the two models didn’t wow me, there was a definate level of improvement.

    Second, the comfort of the A20 is excellent. In the same headset swap referenced above, I was ready to get my A20 back because it fits so much better. I guess I am most impressed with the fact that I don’t have a headache after flying a cross country flight from ridiculous clamping action.

    Third, the Bluetooth is a great feature, especially for those flying IFR and needing clearances from ATC via phone. I wish I had this function during my instrument training. Some criticism is probably valid of Bose when comparing the Lightspeed Zulu to the A20 because music on the A20 is via a provided cable while its available via bluetooth on the Zulu. At least while I fly, I am too busy to listen to music, but I see how this feature would be nice for a passenger. The question I have is how many devices on the market allow you to actually transmit music via bluetooth? I don’t know the answer (I could be surprised) but for my purposes I’m happy to listen to music via the cable.

    Finally, it is worth noting that Bose (or some poor pilot) discovered a defect with the cable. They were proactive in communicating with customers who had purchased the A20 that they were working on a fix. This was followed a few weeks later with instructions on how to return the old cable and receive a new one. This process required me being without my headset for a week, which was really an unacceptable request for Bose to make of its customers (who purchased an $1100 headset). Once my return was in the system at UPS they were suppose to send out the new cable. They drug their feet on sending me the new cable and a customer service rep used inappropriate language during a phone conversation with me. The combination of these two events prompted me to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. When Bose contacted me, they didn’t seem to be too concerned with my customer service experience though they did apologize for the language that was used. I did finally receive my new cable and it works fine (I never had problems with my old cable).

    NOTE: if you are effected by this replacement/recall I would demand that Bose send you the new cable before you send them the old one. The manager I spoke with during my complaint process indicated that they had provisions in their customer service policies to send a new cable first by customer request. The bottom line here is that customer service has been the only black mark I’ve had with my Bose A20.

    Overall, the Bose A20 is great. I’m not claiming its better than the Lightspeed Zulu as I have not compared. What I am willing to say is that if you buy the Bose A20, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality and performance you receive.

  • Review by Asghar Shah "The Shah"

    Finally got mine today after 10 weeks. Looks great! very different and has very different acoustics than the Bose X, So far I have not flown with it in a plane which I will do next week. Bluetooth- paired it with my Iphone 4 and it paired immediately sound quality is good and electret mike works well since the other party could hear me well except like all bluetooth headsets has a hiss sound.
    Watched a movie on netflex and used the Aux audio input gave me excellent Stereo sound probably as good as the QC 15 I own. However this is a communication device so that is not its primary function, but it is an additional benefit and dual use For now I have given it four stars because it is expensive. It is certainly quieter than the Bose X. Also the passive sound quality seems to be better than the X.
    Finally flew with the Headset today, in a Cessna 172P. I have changed my review to give it 5 stars instead of 4 for the following reasons. (1) their is no other product like this in the market today. (2) It is TSo’d for most GA pilots that does not matter, but if you intend to join one of the major carriers it does matter (3) you can switch the mike assembly from the left side to the right side which is great for flight instructors. (4) A Bose 5 year warranty, having had multiple Bose products over the years Bose will stand by its product for years to come, and like mentioned earlier this Bose A20 has different Accoustics than the Boze X one notices that it in flight.

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