Cardo Systems SCALA 500 Bluetooth Headset

Cheap prices for Cardo Systems SCALA 500 Bluetooth Headset are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Cardo Systems SCALA 500 Bluetooth Headset.

Cardo Systems SCALA 500 Bluetooth Headset

  • Talk time – up to 9 hours per charge
  • Standby time – up to one week
  • Windguard technology mic to eliminates back ground noise
  • Easy to use controls for volume, mute and call answer/end
  • VersaClip attachment option for ear-loop and eye/sunglasses clip


You can type on a keyboard while speaking to customers.

Questions to Consider

  • What color would you prefer?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

FREE Car Charger Included!! A 19.99 Value. The Scala 500 is the perfect complement for your mobile phone, no matter where you are. Cardo’s proprietary wind blocking technology overcomes wind interference significantly better than any other Bluetooth headset on the market. The Scala 500 comes equipped with all high-end features and functionalities you would expect from a leading headset. Only 16.5 grams (0.58 oz) , it’s sleek and stylish and one of the smallest and lightest headsets available and

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3 Responses to “Cardo Systems SCALA 500 Bluetooth Headset

  • Review by Ali Hasan "Filmmaker/Political Pundit"

    I was so lucky to find this headset

    I use a Treo 650 —– I have tried a variety of headsets, including all of the Moto’s — the Scala is clearly the BEST for the Treo 650, and likely, many others

    1. The volume was very good — louder than any other headset I used with the Treo 650

    2. The connection times are usually very fast too —– most headsets take awhile to establish a connection, but this one usually takes just a second or less, and of course, automatically picks up both outbound and inbound calls

    3. 90% of the people I talk to say that they can hear me very loudly and clearly — rarely do I get a ‘barrel’ effect going with this headset, as many others produce

    4. The wind-noise-cancelling technology is for real — I have talked a couple times outside, in blizzards with this thing on — quality was loud and clear on both ends, despite the high winds!

    However, it seems that I have to re-connect the pairing for this device, every now and then (maybe once every 3 weeks or so) —- otherwise, I’m very happy

    Pretty good talk time and battery, and of course, the volume is great!

    Check it out in new colors —- clear, blue, and red!

    Lastly – the price cannot be beat!

    highly recommended! – HAPPY TALKING!!!!!

  • Review by David in Telluride, Colorado

    This is available at a very good price on amazon, and is working quite well for me, with my Palm TREO 650. The TREO had no problem recognizing the BT headset and “pairing” up, and the headset fits nicely on my ear, comfortable and light. You could easily forget you’re wearing it, and the little guy is packed with useful features. Overall sound quality, in and out, seems pretty darned good, especially considering the wireless advantage at your desk, in the car, etc.

    Cardo has provided very good service by phone, for questions, installation assistance, etc. — remarkably good by today’s standards. So give this a try — the price/value ratio seems very, very good to me, particularly factoring in the very good support from the company.

    David in Telluride, CO

    P.S. I like my TREO 650 too, despite the mixed reviews on For both devices, I found these reviews very, very helpful, for both pros and cons, during the process of researching and buying these items.

  • Review by Ruel Cordero "Ruel C."

    I’ve been using this headset after trying out a myriad of others for my Treo 650.
    It’s loud. As loud as you need it to be. After trying out other units (Jabra, Motorola, etc.) I found them all to be lacking in volume.

    Unit has been used for almost 3 months now and I haven’t had any of the problems the others have written about (i.e. falling apart, etc.)

    Battery life is exceptional.

    Sound quality is very good as well. The other party has no problems hearing me. I ordered another unit for my wife who also complained about her motorola unit.

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