Cell Phone Bluetooth Headsets

Cell phone Bluetooth headsets incorporate Bluetooth technology to transmit a signal between the headset and the cell phone. Bluetooth is a wireless connection used to transport information over short distances. The headset is synced with the cell phone through the cell phone’s internal settings. In order to sync the headset to the cell phone the user must press a button on the headset which prevents others nearby from stealing the signal. Bluetooth signals are encrypted which prevents security issues. The phones operate on a small battery which is either replaceable or can be recharged. There are several different levels of Bluetooth technology which dictate the speed and quality of data transmission.

Bluetooth Headset Features

Cell phones Bluetooth headsets offer a hands free option for cellular phones. It will allow you to use both hands while working or driving a car for example. Most states outlaw the use of hand held phones but allow them to be operated through a headset. Other uses may be using your cell phone while doing housework or working in the yard. The range is usually several yards which means you do not have to have your cell phone with you. Most Bluetooth headsets are now built to the contours of your head and some are even discretely hidden on the side of your ear. You can even mix and match colors to your style of clothing.

A common problem, which older cell phone headsets experience, is background noise and wind noise interfering with the microphone. With a dual microphone design of many newer Bluetooth headsets, the user’s voice is separated from the noise of the environment.

Cell phone Bluetooth headsets can range from $50 for low end models up to $150+ for higher end models. Better models offer longer ranges, cell phone sound clarity and extended battery life. Headsets can be found in most electronic stores and on the Internet. Get a Bluetooth headset to reduce your workload and improve your ability to communicate anywhere you travel.

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