Cell Phone Headset Accessories

Cell phone headset accessories are growing in popularity, even though the models and types of headsets continue to change. Until recently, Bluetooth headsets were the most wanted and highest selling cell phone headset accessory but a new study shows from September 2009 shows that Bluetooth use is down. In 2008, 43 percent of Bluetooth owners used their headset every day. At the end of 2009, that figure declined to 26%. In turn, wired headsets have grown in popularity due to a growing number of people who use their cell phone as their primary mp3 music player.

Cell phone headsets accessories come in several different styles, both wired and Bluetooth. The most popular style remains the mono ear bud. Another style of cell phone headset accessory for Bluetooth is the over-the-ear hook design. For wired headsets, the most popular design is the unobtrusive ear bud and hanging microphone but some people still use the over the head earpiece and microphone arm style. More and more cell phone users are going with stereo cell phone headset accessories. For Bluetooth, these models usually are full over the ear headphones or they use open speakers that fit into the outer ear. The earpieces are attached by a hard band that contains the batteries and controls.

A cell phone headset accessory can be an important purchase and many people fell like they cannot live without them. Anyone who uses their hands a lot while talking for such activities as bicycling, gardening, cooking, or driving can benefit from using a headset.

Uses of Cell Phone Headsets

There are many cell phone headset products that are affordable and have crossed over into the realm of being aesthetically pleasing while have superior functionality over the traditional cell phones. In sports, headsets are used to communicate with the supporting crews above the ground who have a better view of the plays. Coaches have to constantly hold playbooks and engage with their players so their hands must be free of obstructions. Now a common person might not be in such an active situation but nevertheless, a hands free solution, can improve efficiency of their tasks. We live in a world where multitasking is the norm and cell phone headsets are the perfection solution to the ever demanding world. And since the headsets are growing smaller every day, they will not take up the space around your office desks. Some headsets come equipped with noise cancelling properties, so you can interact with your clients in a clearer, less noisy environment and give them your full attention.

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