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Cell Phone Wired Headset Reviews

Wired cell phone headsets have been around for quite some time but they have not always seen the popularity they enjoy today. In the past, cell phone wired headsets were the only choice in working hands-free. Later, Bluetooth headsets came into vogue and now today, the market is changing once again.

Benefits of Wired Headsets

The return of wired cell phone headsets might stem from the recent studies involving cell phone radiation and cancer rates. There is much more experiments and research to be done as scientists are still mixed with their findings. Studies are inconclusive but some caution against using the wireless headsets for extended periods exceeding 1 hour due to RF energy heating up body tissue. More information on the risk of cell phones and headsets can be found here. Some people are convinced there is no link between cell phone wired headsets and cancer.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that the use of mobile phones or cell phones can possibly cause cancer. It is now considered carcinogenic in the same category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. *

Simply by putting the cell phone away from your brain, you can reduce and/or eliminate these potential cancer risks. The use of the wired headsets or wired earphones can help immensely in these circumstances.

Another advantage to wired headsets is not worrying about battery life during those crucial phone calls. Wired cell phone headsets has the ability to speak through a microphone without the need for batteries. Wired headsets operate without it’s own power; they only require the electricity from the cell phone. Talk time is only limited to the length of battery life on the cell phone.

Wired Headset Features

A wired cell phone headset is a device that plugs into a cell phone via one of several types of ports. Some cell phones use a standard 2.5mm headphone jack, others use a 1.5mm mini-jack, and still others have a proprietary connection. Sony Ericsson uses a combination by requiring an adapter for the proprietary connection that then allows the connection of any 2.5mm wired headset.

The cell phone wired headset itself may be mono or stereo. Stereo headsets are becoming more common now that many phones are also being used as mp3 music players. Along with the single or dual earpieces is a microphone with a button for answering calls. The most popular form of cell phone wired headsets is with stereo earbuds that have a wire going behind the head and a hanging microphone along the cord at neck or upper-chest level for talking.

Another benefit of wired headsets is the affordable prices. They are considerably cheaper than their Bluetooth counterparts.

Wired cell phone headsets make life much easier for people who are working with their hands as they speak on the phone. Further, the law calls for hands-free cell phone use while driving. The benefits over Bluetooth are there are never any reception problems and no extra batteries are required for the headset so you never have to worry about ending a call prematurely while driving.

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