Cell Ranger USB-Powered Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Cell Ranger USB-Powered Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • 2-3 bars extra signal for any cell phone or 3G data card
  • More signal means better call quality for cell phones, and up to 100% faster download speeds for 3G data cards.
  • Prevents dropped calls and improves call clarity
  • No drivers or software needed ? PORT only uses USB for power.
  • Simply place antenna near a window (up to 15 feet away) and plug into you laptop?s USB port. Cell Ranger?s advanced circuitry does the rest.


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  • How easy is it to use?

The Cell Ranger PORT is an Intelligent Amplifier that boosts signal strength to your cell phone or laptop air card. Cell Ranger is a next-generation microprocessor-driven system that gives you reliability and performance enhancements not found with ?mesh? stick-on and ?repeater? antenna boosters. The Cell Ranger PORT is easy to install: just place the magnetic antenna near a window (at least 8 feet away) and then plug the unit into your laptop’s USB port. After that, Cell Ranger’s advanced circu

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Price: $ 96.94

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