Cellular Innovations DigiPower Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Before buying Cellular Innovations DigiPower Bluetooth Headsets take a look at the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Cellular Innovations DigiPower Bluetooth Headsets.

Cellular Innovations DigiPower Bluetooth Headset Reviews

  • Voice Activated Dialing and 3-Way Calling, Bluetooth V2.0 Technology; Noise diffusing dynamic microphone; 320 degree revolving boom microphone adjustable headband; One touch answer/ end button
  • Touch-button volume control
  • One-touch calls answer/end & redials
  • Over-the-Head design with Boom MIC fits comfortably on either ear
  • Uses a rechargeable Li-polymer Battery for long life and usage: Up to 6 hours of talk time or up to 250 hours of standby time


You can type on a keyboard while speaking to customers.

Buying Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

The Pro Boom Bluetooth Wireless Headset is designed Extreme Noise Canceling Technology which blocks 4 times the external environmental noise when compared to the performance of other current Bluetooth Headsets.

Voice Activated Dialing and 3-Way Calling, Touch-button volume control, One-touch calls answer/end & redials, Over-the-Head design with Boom MIC fits comfortably on either ear, AC and USB Chargers included, Uses a rechargeable Li-polymer Battery for long life and usage: Up to 6 hours.

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

2 Responses to “Cellular Innovations DigiPower Bluetooth Headset Reviews

  • Review by Jones' Girl

    I have a terrible time hearing on cell phones. My smaller than average ear canal makes it extremely difficult to find headsets that work for me. My husband found this Cellular Innovations headset while reading reviews in the endless search for yet another device for me to try. This headset was the answer to our dilemma. It charges quickly and retains a charge for long time, is comfortable and I can finally hear! It pairs up quickly and flawlessly, and best of all, calls are super clear. I have found this device to be a huge convenience. I usually stick my phone in my pocket while using the headset, but I can wander around the kitchen with the phone on the counter or even venture into the next room and the headset has never dropped a call. Hope it works equally well for you!

  • Review by Ken

    I’ve toyed with various bluetooth headset devices, and don’t care for the silly in-your-ear units that seem to pick up as much room noise as your voice.

    This unit is a little bulkier, but perfect for the car. It hangs on the gearshift when not in use, and quickly slips over the head for use. Callers like the sound from the unit, and it cancels local noise well. It’s adjustable for head size, fits over a ball cap nicely, and is comfortable for hours.

    It works well on either the left or right side; I tend to use it right side.

    One main button controls on and off and dial/hangup. Setup is easy. Read the directions for operation and you will have no problem.

    I’ve used it with Samsung Windows Mobile units, a Droid, and a Droid X. No problems with any of them!

    Operation time is several days standing by, especially if out of range of the phone to which it is paired. It will automatically shut down to zero battery consumption. Talk time is long…..at least six hours. Charge time is about an hour to two hours.

    The unit is a little delicate; be sure you put it away properly when done. If you leave it on the seat and then sit on it, it’s probably toast. Be careful.

    It charges from AC power, cigarette lighter, or a computer USB. Hang onto the cords; replacements are hard to find.

    I’ve owned four of these; I keep them in separate homes and in each car.

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