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Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset Reviews

The Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset is a great buy if you are looking for a hands free telephone headset. Users agree that this headset has the best sound of any headset they have used. It is crisp and clear for both parties of your telephone conversations. Many users have used this headset on a variety of hand held cordless phones, cell phones and small radios. It is compatible with 900MHz and 2.5 GHz analog and digital phones and 2.5mm cell phone jacks. Although it works best with Panasonic telephones, it also works just fine with other telephones too. The exception to this would be Motorola and some AT&T telephones. Buy this great quality sounding corded headset.

This headset is a very basic model, with no volume adjust or mute buttons. This makes the headset lightweight and more comfortable. It also works well with the telephone’s volume and mute functions. So, these functions aren’t missed on the headset. The leatherette ear piece is also more comfortable and more durable than the more common foam earpieces. Users also found this headset to be very comfortable for users with small and medium sized heads; however, the lack of durability is evident when users with larger heads try to adjust this headset.

It is also recommended that users avoid adjusting the microphone. This puts too much stress on the wires and they will break. Adjustments are not needed and the microphone is already set at the correct angle on the inside. Finally, it is recommended that users purchase more than one headset at a time. Those that use this headset regularly find that it will only last for a couple of months; but find that the sound quality certainly makes it worth paying the low cost of this headset. Even after multiple purchases, this headset works better and costs less than others. Read more reviews of this Panasonic corded headset.

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