Creative Arena USB Gaming White Complexity Reviews

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Creative Arena USB Gaming White Complexity Reviews

  • X-Fi technology and EAX gaming effects give you unrivaled 3D positional surround sound and realism
  • Activate the Silencer feature for intelligent noise-suppression when gaming in noisy environments
  • Add that extra oomph to your game when you morph your voice into different characters with the VoiceFX feature
  • USB connectivity gives you pristine high-definition digital audio in all your games
  • Designed for comfort, the cushioned earpads and light, flexible headband reduce listening fatigue during intensive gaming sessions


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From the leaders of PC gaming audio comes one of the most eagerly-anticipated partnerships of the year. A must-have audio weapon diehard gamers all over should be equipped with – the Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset – complexity Edition. This limited edition Arena Surround headset is the successful fruition of Creative’s collaboration with one of the most elite teams in e-sports.

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3 Responses to “Creative Arena USB Gaming White Complexity Reviews

  • Review by G. Jones "Celtic Xena"

    About the only thing I’d like to see improved is a TRUE “Surround Sound” capability – as in, 2 speakers in each side, so sounds from the front come from the front & those from the rear come from the rear… as it is, they’re very responsive, very crisp & clear; the mic works great but while any of the voice-alterations might be fun, for my voice, since it falls into the “furry contralto” category for women, the “male” option sounds too gruff & the “female” option sounds squeaky… but the noise-canceling feature for the mic works fantastic without undue degradation: great for areas w/ lots of noise, & this headset is great when I want to really rock out w/ my music as well as some really intense gaming while not making enemies of those around me! This also works great for keeping my hands clear when doing business while talking, taking calls, etc. One note: the relatively light wire from the left side of the headset to the inline volume control _should_ be clipped to your pocket or lapel, etc. so that it’s properly anchored as the wire from the volume control to the USB port is heavier. Other than those few nitpicks, a great product!

  • Review by Sean Bentzen

    The quality of this product is unparalelled today. The sound is crisp and the comfort beats anything else out there right now. The integrated microphone is great for in-game chat and all of the nifty effects you can add to your voice through the included software gives it an additional touch of style. I recommend this headset to anyone serious about sound and gaming. The price is well worth it.

  • Review by Colin Smith

    As a long time gamer, I have gone through dozens of headsets! I have to say that these are the most comfortable and the best sounding so far. By best sounding I mean the Headphones and the Mic. Both are clear and deliver great sounding audio.

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