Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft USB Headset Reviews

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft USB Headset

  • Powerful audio from Sound Blaster
  • THX TruStudio PC sound technologies create unprecedented levels of audio realism
  • For the Horde! Glory to the Alliance! Show your allegiance and customize with interchangeable headset lenses
  • Wired USB connection
  • Instantly access volume, mute and connection controls directly on the headset.


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Buying Questions

  • What color would you prefer?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

Experience the sounds of Azeroth and beyond like never before with the Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset. Designed specifically for World of Warcraft gamers, the headset features cutting-edge audio technology and THX Tru Studio PC. Get an amazing level of realism through unrivalled headphone surround and gaming sound enhancement technologies. Communicate with your party or raid clearly. The Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset features a professional grade microphone, ensuring everyone

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3 Responses to “Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft USB Headset Reviews

  • Review by Sara Ball "Scrappy Hippo"

    Received this product yesterday. After the initial 8 hour charge I was anxious to test it out. Comfort and sound quality are awesome. Installation was very easy if you follow the Quick-Start guide. The THX options are amazing for versatility. Range on the 2.4gHz wireless is also very delectable. I was very impressed until I went to talk to my guild mates over Ventrilo…

    Every single person said I sounded very muffled / tin-e / static-e. The microphone also picks up almost every sound in the room. It is very annoying. Noise canceling microphone??? NO. More like noise amplifying microphone of terrible quality. I plugged in my old $15 headset from WalMart and my voice was back to crystal clarity to everyone in Ventrilo.

    I spent about two hours of my own time alternating sound options inside Windows, Ventrilo, and the custom sound board to get my voice sounding somewhat normal over Ventrilo to no avail. I posted this issue on the official Sound Blaster forums. I am also going to create a support request. If this issue isn’t fixed or on the way to being fixed I’m going to get a refund and by a different set.

  • Review by David R. Seid "drseid"

    I really was looking forward to this headset. When my pre-order arrived I absolutely was wowed by the presentation and overall look of the product. The comfort of these phones is truly amazing and I hope will be copied by others in future. Now for the negatives… The microphone did not work from the start… I can hear others in TeamSpeak, but they can’t hear me (even after making sure my settings were correct). I also noticed that my Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard go all sluggish and wacky when using these phones. Attempts to contact Creative customer support were as unpleasant as could be. They make you drill down through seemingly endless menus before you can send an email to their customer support team (tip: make sure you have your serial number or you will get no customer support) — no phone number is available. I sent my problems to them on March 5th via email and just heard back today (3/10/10)… Their answer? Try to keep the wireless headphones away from the computer’s wireless keyboard and mouse, as they can cause interference. I waited 5 days for *that*! Kind of hard to seperate the computer keyboard, mouse and headset when playing a game on the computer…

    The most ironic thing of all is the mouse and keyboard are acting up the worst in WOW when paired with the headset, making it unplayable. Looks like these phones are going back to Amazon. I love the concept and the look of the phones, but Creative’s execution and customer service are terrible. Oh well. 🙁

  • Review by Angelo G. Casa

    Cool headset, but after using it more during raids, everyone complains about how the Mic turns screechy and sounds robotic (this is with VOICEFX off) The only fix is to D/C from Vent and relog but it will happen again. Issue is posted over and over on Creative’s FOrums by many users and they have not replied or released a fix. Unfortunately an Epic Headset has turned into a worthless Green Item. Never buying creative again.

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