Ear Force DPX21 PS3 Headset Reviews

Lowest costs for Ear Force DPX21 PS3 Headsets can be found online. There are reviews for this priced cheap Ear Force DPX21 PS3 Headset with 5.1/7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound.

Ear Force DPX21 PS3 Headset Reviews

  • High-fidelity 5.1-/7.1-channel Dolby Digital surround sound immerses you in sound while you play; Connect to your TV, iPod/MP3 player and other analog audio sources with the analog input
  • Enjoy thrilling 3D audio thanks to the digital optical cable
  • Variable bass boost delivers powerful booming subwoofer realism to your gameplay experience
  • Integrated amplifier allows you to easily adjust game and chat volumes
  • Twist-cup design allows headset to rest flat on your shoulders when you take a break from gaming; Lightweight design and oversize fabric mesh ear cushions for comfort during long play sessions


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Immerse yourself in dynamic surround sound while enjoying crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network with the Ear Force DPX21 Headset for the PlayStation 3. An integrated in-line amplifier keeps audio controls and a mic mute within easy reach. Combining high-fidelity 5.1-/7.1-channel Dolby Digital surround sound with the included digital optical cable allows you to experience 3D audio that envelops you.

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3 Responses to “Ear Force DPX21 PS3 Headset Reviews

  • Review by Phyrebyrd

    This pair of headphones has a truly spectacular frequency response range. Despite the fact these are headphones, you will FEEL the bass reverberating between your ears! The fact that these work with pretty much any audio source you’ll run across from stereo analog input to digital fiber optic is pretty sweet.

    I’ve owned many headphones. Be it from cheap stereo to “pseudo-surround”, such as the Plantronics Gamecom (pseudo-surround) and I even have a pair of the mid-line SHURE headphones (they have reasonable bass response), this pair will blow them away.

    Sound is crisp in the mid/high range as well. For the price, you certainly won’t be dissappointed! If you’re a SHURE headphone fan, these will really impress you.

    The only downside to these are the MASSIVE amount of cables that accompany them. It’s not that there’s many, it’s just that they’re really LONG (which is GREAT in most cases!)… Just remember you’re going to have to bundle them if you’re going to use them on your PC (as I do) so they aren’t strewn across your entire desk.

    Overall, best headphone purchase I’ve made to date. Turtle Beach really knows their audio.

  • Review by DrWho

    Besides the 5.1/7.1 ability (separating it from the lower tier model), is the fact that it is usable on X360, PC, and Mac, which is fantastic for me since I game on literally every modern platform. My PC gaming sessions, audio/video work on Mac, voice chat/calling, has been as great an experience as on my preferred gaming platform, PS3. I mention this because I’ve played with dozens of headsets over the years and nothing comes close. As far as making calls over Google Voice and Skype, the good news continues. The cords are quite long (at least 15 feet I’d say), which works well in my large living room. Set up was a breeze for me and will be for you. I mean, if you’ve connected a modern home theater set-up…come on, this is child’s play.

    The over the ear design is extremely comfortable and I barely notice having them on after several hours of listening. I love the independent controls for chat vs. the game, important for team play during multiplayer matches and MMO’s. The bass is quite prolific and easy to control. Other reviewers likely couldn’t figure out that you just need to lower it on the main unit, so you can adjust accordingly on the other control unit that you keep close to you during matches. From a gameplay standpoint the channel separation is just fantastic and it really does help in picking up attacks vs. a non-surround set-up like my previous 3 channel soundbar. I had a 5.1 setup in my old house and I can tell you that now that I’ve gone DPX21, I would never go back to gaming with a traditional 5.1/7.1 external speaker setup. It’s just needlessly disruptive for those around you and totally unnecessary. The experience with this headset trumps any setup I’ve experienced in my home or in any friends’ homes. I don’t know what it is, but I usually feel underwhelmed in some way by most setups – either by weak sound, inconsistently delivered volume on separate channels, or when they’re properly powered and loud the reverberation in the wall or some other factor takes the cleanliness from the sound, not to mention it’s usually bugging someone somewhere. I really can’t say much else, other than to buy this gem of a product and you’ll be happy (as will housemates).

  • Review by Sam

    WOW as soon as I put them on I was blown away. My friend uses G35’s on his PC and even he was impressed. Sound quality while playing games is incredible, you can hear every tiny sound and know exactly where it is. The mic is very clear and the separate chat controls are great for when a screaming 13 yr old joins your game, and you need to slam the volume down to save your hearing. I don’t know how I ever played without them.

    – Light.
    – Sound while playing games is great.
    – Can’t really do much better for the money.
    – Bass blows you away.
    – The bass can interfere with other sounds when listening to music(wobbly sounding vocals but it only happens on really bass heavy songs).
    – You can knock the controls but its no biggie.

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