Etymotic Research etyBLU2 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

If you are looking to buy Etymotic Research etyBLU2 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, make sure to read the features first. There are reviews for this priced cheap Etymotic Research etyBLU2 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets.

Etymotic Research etyBLU2 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

  • Flexible boom with bi-directional microphone provides best-in-class speech clarity
  • High-output 8mm moving coil driver offers best-in-class output level and sound quality
  • Rejects 10 times more noise than cheekbone style wireless headsets
  • Includes 4 ACCU, Fit noise-isolating eartips, USB charging cable, windscreen and 2-year warranty
  • Option to upgrade to an Etymotic CUSTOM FIT earmold provided in box
  • Includes 4 ACCU, Fit noise-isolating eartips, USB charging cable, windscreen and 2-year warranty. Option to upgrade to an Etymotic CUSTOM FIT earmold provided.


For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

Buying Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

A serious Bluetooth headset for serious users of wireless headset technology. The upgraded version of the popular etyBLU headset contains etyBLU’s highly-directional, noise-canceling microphone in a fixed-boom configuration, a design change that allows optimal antenna placement for improved range between headset and mobile phone. etyBLU2’s noise-canceling microphone picks up the talker’s voice within a narrow range and rejects background noise that comes from outside that range.

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3 Responses to “Etymotic Research etyBLU2 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

  • Review by Claire Jordan "The Do It Yourself Virgin"

    I’ve used a Plantronics Discovery for years with no problems, but decided that after five years it was time to try a newer headset. This Etymotic headset is very nicely designed and lightweight. After trying it out for a week, here is my experience with it:

    * It comes with a variety of earpieces in different sizes and materials so you can customize it to your ear.

    * The volume and on/off buttons are easy to locate while you are wearing it.

    * The audio is very clear on both ends of the call (I had a friend use it to call me so I could see how it sounds.)

    * The battery life seems fine.

    * Despite which earpiece I try, it won’t stay in my ear even with the included ear clip. After a few minutes of use, or if I turn my head, it starts slipping out and I have to reinsert it.

    * The volume, even on high, is too low for me to hear in a noisy location.

    * The buttons are stiff and difficult to push. When I use the on/off button, I have to push so hard that the unit shoves way too far into my ear.

    Because it is so hard to push the on/off button and because it seems to fall out of my ear after a few minutes anyway, I’ve started taking it out to turn it off and then I keep it out when I’m not using it. Not very practical and it’s destined to get lost if I continue using it this way. I’m glad I didn’t ditch my old Plantronics headset.

    I did try it with my computer as a headset for IP calls and dictation and for this purpose I love it! Since there is no background noise I don’t have a problem with the volume. I don’t use IP calling or do dictation often but when I do it’s for longer periods of time so I can just wear the headset when I need it then toss it in a drawer where I won’t loss it.

    The quality of this device seems very good and it looks great. If you have good hearing and an ear that accommodates headsets easily you will probably love it, but if you tend to have problems with headsets staying in place or have any hearing damage, you might find the Etymotic EtyBLU2 problematic.

  • Review by Busy Executive

    I wanted a headset both to pair with my phones and my computer for VoIP use. I’ve used Etymotic products before, and their headset stood out as having the best mix of features, comfort and ease of use, so I gave it a try.

    The packaging is fairly minimal, although let me take a moment to complain about one of my pet peeves: “human-proof” packaging – took me a good five minutes armed with sharp knives and scissors to get everything out of the box. Other than that, inside the box you find the headset itself, a collection of ear tips, a foam windscreen for the microphone and a short (6″) micro-USB charging cable. There’s no separate charger or AC power source – you need to plug the USB cable into a computer, powered USB hub or some other device.

    The various earpieces are easily changed and it seems like there’s enough variety that most people will find one they’re comfortable with. The unit is very light and comfortable, and can be adjusted to fit in a totally non-intrusive way.

    I had no troubles pairing the headset with a few PCs running Windows Vista and Windows 7, an iMac, an Android phone and an older Blackberry phone. Setup was easy and the device worked properly with everything I tried with no need for special drivers or tweaking settings anywhere. Range seemed at least the 30 feet typical with Bluetooth, and I haven’t had interrupted calls or anything yet, except when the battery dies.

    From a sound quality point of view, I’d give the unit four stars. It absolutely does a great job filtering background noise both ways, and people tell me I come through loud and clear without having to scream or be in a quiet room. Although it’s difficult to judge sound quality using standard voice calls, I have access to a high-definition audio conferencing system, and the Etymotic really stands out, head and shoulders above the previous Motorola and Plantronics units I’ve tried.

    I only have two small gripes. First, the maximum volume could be slightly louder. Even at the max setting, I’m having a hard time hearing phone calls if I’m in a noisy setting such as on a train or moving car. The second gripe has to do with battery life, which seems a bit low to me. Plus, it seems to take a fairly long time to charge – several hours from totally dead to fully charged. Other than these minor complaints, I’m happy with the unit and would recommend it to anyone wanting a top quality Bluetooth headset.

  • Review by ~Z~

    Finally found a bluetooth headset with a boom arm microphone that I like. Other ones I have seen are extremely large and look awkward to wear. I prefer boom arm microphones rather than the ones that the mic is part on the unit and sits on your cheek closer to your ear. It has been my experience that bluetooth microphones that sit back further from your mouth seem to pick up a lot of background noise and your voice does not transmit as clearly. The etyBLU headset comes with a flexible boom arm that can be adjusted closer to your mouth to so you can be heard without background noises, and it comes with a bi-directional microphone so your voice is clearly heard.

    It can be worn for long periods of time without ear fatigue. It is extremely lightweight and balances perfectly in my ear. The earpiece sits deep into the ear and it comes with 5 different size ear tips so you have the best comfortable fit. The volume could be better, even when I have it turned up to the maximum setting I have a hard time hearing the other person on the line sometimes. For this reason, I like using the foam ear tip which molds completely around your ear canal. I tell tell it is a snug fit because when I wear dangle earrings and they smack against the boom arm, it sounds like I am in a tunnel and the “clunk” is deep in my ear (hope that makes sense). Comes with two different sized windscreens to block out air currents if you are in a windy environment. You do have the option to upgrade to a custom fit earmold directly from the manufacturer. You can have a custom fit ear mold made from impressions taken of your ear canal. They look and remind me of hearing aids. They sell for $100 and you can order and schedule your appointment at the manufacturer’s website.

    I prefer to just wear the headset without the ear loop, but if you rather use your headset with an over the ear loop, it comes with an attachable wire ear hook. One really nice feature about the earhook is that you can adjust the length by sliding it up or down. Also enclosed is two replaceable wax filters and filter removal tool.

    Comes a (very short) micro-USB cable to charge via computer or compatible device. Since it is so short, it might make it a nuisance for people who only have USB slot located in back of their computer. Instead I use my 12Vcar multi power socket outlet that comes with a USB slot to charge it. Since I use this headset mostly with my Droid cell phone, I also use the AC wall power micro USB adapter that came with my phone to charge it was well. It took me about 3 hours to get a full charge. You know when it is fully charged with the LED light turns from yellow to blue.

    Pairing was a breeze; I was able to pair it with my Droid and Palm Pre within seconds. You can connect up to 8 devices! All functions are controlled by pressing the Multi-Function Button located in the front of the unit which is very easy to operate and find (silver button). States talk time is 7 hours and standby is 100 hours (little over 4 days). I found myself recharging it only after using it every three days, which really is not very much time since I turn it off after every use. So I have to take away a star for its battery life. Other than the battery, this headset is the top of the line for that multi-tasker.

    Comes with a 2-year warranty.

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