FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier

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FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier

  • For high impedance or low sensitivity Hi-fi headphones
  • Metal case and built-in metal clip
  • Individual power switch and Electronic volume control
  • USB charger port and 200mAh rechargerable battery
  • Dimension 44.2mm x 38 mm x 12.6 mm


For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

Buying Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • Does it install easily?

FiiO E5 is a Portable Headphone Amplifier designed to improve the sound quality and volume of any portable audio source such as MP3 players, iPods, personal media players, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks/netbooks, or portable CD players. The E5 retains all of the advantages of the popular E3 while adding many new features and a substantial boost in performance, all inside a very small and slim aluminum case. With built-in volume controls, the E5 can be used with the line-level output of audio.

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2 Responses to “FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier

  • Review by Bradley Scroggs

    For years I enjoyed listening to CDs at the gym with a pair of 32Ohm Sennheiser EH-150’s and a 15mW Sony DNE-330 Walkman (with customizable paremetric EQ). But, alas, the Walkman died and the current lineup of portable CD players all boasted only 5mW of output power (albeit the same EQ and bass boost features) … and what a sonic difference those missing 10 milliWatts made! I nearly cried each time I put on the headphones, knowing how good they could sound if only … . And headphone amplifiers were either AC-powered or outlandishly high-priced — or both!

    Until the Fiio E5! Finally, a 150mW, portable, high-fidelity headphone amplifier that — connected to the right components — returns your music to it’s full dynamic range and frequency spectrum. My Sennheisers roar! Thumping bass! Sizzling treble! Quiet soft passages and deafening loud passages … all from a rechargable gizmo about the size of a matchbook!

    But it is what it is. The Fiio E5 does not have nearly the amp to drive my full-size 150Ohm Sennheiser HD-525s to their abilities; alternately, hooked up to my son’s Ipod Touch (which apparently has quite a bit of output power to begin with) and his preferred earbuds I could not notice a distingushable improvement in sound. But for an underpowered portable CD or MP3 player and a mid-sized set of high-fidelity headphones … the Fiio E5 is a godsend. Hear what you’ve been missing! And for under $25? It’s a no-brainer.

  • Review by No Longer Frustrated!

    I give this little amp 4 stars — I bought it for use with my iPod Nano 5g and Sennheiser HD600 headphones. The built-in amp in the iPod is **just** a bit inadequate to drive these headphones well — on some albums I needed to crank the volume up all the way, and sometimes that still didn’t give me enough volume.

    For $20 plus shipping, I figured I’d give the FiiO a try. If it didn’t work, just return it, right? So it came today, and I gave it a try with some of the problematic tracks on my iPod. First reactions: enough volume boost (barely, but enough) to make the problem tracks listenable, and to drive the HD600’s to more than comfortable levels on most music. I have the volume on the E5 turned up all the way, and use the touch-wheel on the iPod for volume control.

    Second, despite some other reviews here and elsewhere, there is NO discernable hiss or noise from the FiiO E5, either idle or with music playing.

    Third: Bass boost works as advertised. If you have phones that don’t give you good bass response, this will probably fix your problem. The HD600’s have great low-end, so I’m running the E5 set to the OFF position.

    Summary: well worth the money, and worth a try if your music player is working too hard to drive your particular headphones, or if you need the bass boost. I detect no degredation of the sound with my iPod. Just for fun, I hooked it up in series with my Home Headroom amp, to see if I could hear a difference…yep, the E5 blurs the extraordinarily good sound from the Headroom just a bit. But, then, that’s not what it’s for, is it? It’s NOT a high-end, multi-$$$ amp, just a way to get a bit more performance from your portable music player. For that, it works just fine! The only alternatives would be a CMOY amp from one of the builders on eBay, at two to 3 times the price, or a commercial amp at much greater cost. The E5 is good value for the money, in my book.

    – 1/2 star for the flimsy interconnect cables, – 1/2 star for not having a bit more gain. However, overall, I’m very satisfied. Build quality looks fine. The battery even came charged!

    Happy listening!

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