FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

Cheap prices for FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black).

FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

  • Ultra low-noise and low distortion headphone amplifier design with 60-step digital volume control
  • High accuracy USB DAC for optimal music playback from a computer
  • Long 80+ hour battery life for week-long use without recharging
  • Advanced features 3-stage bass boost EQ, sleep auto-off, max volume setting
  • Stylish and rugged: OLED color display, brushed aluminum case, silicone skin case


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Buying Guide Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

FiiO E7 portable headphone amplifier with USB audio decoder (DAC). This product is designed to replace PC on board sound card that do not have enough output power for higher-end headphone. With USB audio decoding, amplification and audio output, E7 can serve as both a professional headphone amplifier as well as an external USB sound card.

– TI PCM2706 USB receiver, 48kHz 16-bit support for Windows XP/2000/Vista/7 and Mac OS
– Wolfson WM8740 DAC, ADI AD8692 OP Amp and TI TPA6130A Pow

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2 Responses to “FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

  • Review by Wiley "Wiley"

    The fiio E7 is very similar in function to the udac.
    It adds, flexibility, by adding a battery for use as a portable amp for a dap. It also adds, 4 levels of bass 0-3
    It’s not so much of a big bloat or anything, it’s actualy useful, but for the most part 0 -2 is useful, 3 being a bit much for most iems or portable cans. The gain is not as high as on the udac, so it won’t play hard to drive cans quite as loud as the udac. But the added features, and the flexibility make it a much better value.

    I prefer The fiio E7 in pretty much all aspects, it comes with a very nice pouch, sounds better, and really looks better than the udac. I still like the udac, but the fiio E7 just gives you more for the money. This amp is truly a step up from the little E5 by a fair bit. It is very hard to believe this unit can be purchased for well under 100 dollars.

    The udac set a new standard at this price level, and the fiio E7 raised the bar. Battery life is very good, 60-80 hours.
    Depending on the iems or cans being used, and how loud you listen. Comes with a silicone case for protecting it, and has teo headphone outs. everything that needs to be plugged in to the amp has openings in the sleeve. and the volume and menu buttons have round marks, making it east to use all functions.

  • Review by M. Martin "Peach"

    I got this head phones amp and it rocks
    I got the klipsch image s4 head phones and a ipod classic 7G 160GB
    when I use this Amp with these headphones and Ipod classic it sounds
    like as if the band is singing in front of you.
    The sound is really that good.
    The bass, highs and mids sound like music heaven.
    a word of warning.
    you have to use it with a line out dock connector in order
    to get the best sound out of it.
    if you plug it in the head phones jack then it won’t sound right
    the reason why is because the mp3 players like a Ipod already have
    a build in Amp and we all know that two Amps together won’t do any good
    it just won’t work.
    trust me use a fiio line 3 LOD with this amp and Ipod or mp3 player of your
    choice and it will be like music heaven.

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