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Plantronics UPMX256X1 Headset Reviews

I couldn’t do my business the way I do without my cell phone. I’m constantly on the go, so I have tried Bluetooth headsets. They work generally work fine, I just have had them cut out at the worst possible times due to inference or just dropping the connection with the phone. I called up customer support (My Bluetooth’s have all been Plantronics) and explained my problem. The rep did what they could to help me as and suggested I consider a wired headset if my current phone had a 2.5 mm jack. I went and picked up a Plantronics UPMX256X1 Headset the next day. You can pick up one here too.

I’d list out my complaints and issues with my purchase, if I had any. For some people I am sure that the cord would be annoying, but it is a small price for that direct and solid connection. The flex grip microphone allows for better clarity from my voice. I had heard other complain about their wired headset not being loud enough; that is not the case with this one. The noise cancellation on the microphone is better than on several of the Bluetooth models I have had. Background noise isn’t even a consideration now.

I’ve spent well over five thousand minutes on this headset since purchasing it. It is lighter than any of the others I have used, as well as being more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The soft silicone clip goes around the back of the ear, not the top. Not a big thing for most people, but I wear glasses. I’m incredibly pleased with this headset. It solved my major complaints and the minor ones that I had just be ignoring. So if you want a headset that is reliable and will not die out on your, consider this flex grip cell phone headset.

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