Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Ipod Headsets

Planning to buy 400 Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Ipod Headsets so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap 400 Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Ipod Headsets.

400 Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Ipod Headsets

  • Soft, durable and comfortable
  • Fits Ipod and similar in-ear style headsets used for MP3 / MP4 players, and mobile phone headsets
  • Each Package contains 400 pieces (200 sets)
  • Good economy quality that is presently used by airlines, and major consumer electronics manufacturers
  • Color: Black


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How easy is it to use?

These foam ear pads are used to enhance the fidelity of your music by reducing the vibration of your earbuds against your ear. The result is cleaner quality audio. Because each package contains 400 pieces, you may also use these to provide better hygiene by changing your ear pads each time a different person uses the earbuds. Originally manufactured exclusively for major electronic manufacturers and airlines in mass quantities, we are now offering these to the general public for a fraction of wh

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

3 Responses to “Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Ipod Headsets

  • Review by E. Moore "Just another pixel pusher!"

    The ear bud pads came in a sealed plastic bag inside the mailer pouch. I don’t plan to count them, just by looking I think that there are more than I will use in this lifetime.

    They are a snug fit – this is good thing. Although it takes a little patience to slip them over the ear buds they don’t fall off like others I’ve bought.

  • Review by K. Folkens

    I’ve had a love-hate thing for earbud foam covers for a long time. I need them for iPods and cell phones, including wired and wireless sets, but they invariably break down over time. I’ve paid between thirty cents to a dollar each in small quantities from local electronic and cellphone stores, as retailers charge exorbitant prices for such basic accessories. Quality has varied considerably. When I discovered these after having yet another cover wear out, I decided to quit buying in small quantities and go for this bundle.

    I’m glad I made this purchase. The quality of the foam is much better than the standard ones which came with my cell phones and iPods, and equal in quality to the ones I’ve received with my Plantronics Bluetooth headsets which I consider to be the best quality I’ve used. As other reviewers note, the fit is rather snug, but designed to stay put rather than easily peel off. Blunt tweezers can help avoid tearing the foam when installing.

    Curious, I double-checked the foam count which came to 375 (it was a slow evening), but given the quality, price and anticipated product life, I won’t miss the other 25. I’m sure I’ll be supplying friends and family for a long time, and getting the price down from as high as a dollar each to less than 3 cents (delivered) makes this a great deal.

  • Review by Gerald M. Pelofske

    Totally agree with the other reviews. The covers fit a little snug which makes it a bit difficult to get them on, but considering how easy covers I’ve had in the past slip off I’d say the snug fit is a positive. The downside is that the covers will tear a bit if you’re not careful, probably a combination of the foam not having a whole lot of give and the tight fit. As with the other review mine came in a plastic bag and I really don’t have the desire to count every one to make sure I got my 400, but unless my kids decide to use them as winter hats for gi joe I’m pretty sure they will last all the way to my eventual estate sale. Ordered on 8/31, arrived on 9/8, so the combo of lots of product+cheap price+quick delivery=happy ears and wallet.

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