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Jawbone Thinker BlueTooth Headset Reviews

My old Bluetooth headset kicked the bucket a few months back. Since I might as well be attached to my iPhone, I needed a new one. I’ve used a variety of headsets in the past, a Motorola and a few Plantronics, and I was never completely happy with them. I had some doubts about the Jawbone Thinker Bluetooth Headset, but after using it I have to say it is one of the better I have used. Buy the Jawbone Thinker Bluetooth.

It isn’t without its flaws, the battery life is either overstated or their testing method was not realistic. The over ear clip does not fit my ears at all, nor did any of the included ear buds. I’ve had similar issues with other headsets, my ears are just special. That being said, Jabra ear gels do fit comfortably.

The sound quality is quite good, and the noise canceling is fairly effective. I use an iPhone 3G and it takes less than a second from the headset to link up with my phone. I personally like the rocker power switch, no chance of it getting switched on when it is in my pocket. The lack of a volume control on the headset doesn’t bother me in the least since I can control the volume just fine from my phone. One feature that I personally urge any iPhone users to consider is MyTalk, apps to put battery life on the iPhone toolbar as well as feed other audio through the headset. Music, podcasts, and directions you name it. Consider looking at the Jawbone Prime too.

The Jabra ear gels do cost a bit more money but the Jawbone is well worth what I paid for it. I haven’t had anything more than minor issues with it, and the customer support I received from Jawbone was both helpful and fast. They are not perfect but they are the closest I have found. Read more reviews about the Jawbone Thinker or buy it now.

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