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Plantronics Office Headset Reviews

I am a work at home sales agent and our company recently upgraded to a new phone system that required a headset compatible with VOIP. As I work as an independent contractor, I had to make the purchase on my own – and therefore price was as big a factor as quality. Check out the latest prices for this Plantronics office headset.

I tried a cheap headset I found at a local electronics store, but it buzzed so bad I felt like I was going to lose my mind. It was a really cheap generic brand, under $30, so I just didn’t bother returning it. I googled around online, and consistently found that the Plantronics CS-55 Wireless Headset was recommended as the best combination of price and quality.

The other attractions for me, as I use the phone constantly on the job, more than 6 hours at a time… is the clear voice quality and long battery life. That I don’t have to be bothered to charge it during the day is a real plus. It is very small, lightweight and quite comfortable to wear (hope it stays that way!), definitely not hard to get used to. The range is good too, I’ve walked to the basement while talking and it still worked fine, no compromise on sound clarity, no static at all!

While Plantronics is THE brand associated with wireless headsets, sometimes figuring out which one to buy is a real headache. I’m glad I did my research before buying, and so pleased that it turned out to be exactly as I expected. Read more reviews about this headset.

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