Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitters

When buying Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitters make sure to ask yourself the right questions. There are reviews for this priced cheap Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitters with Individual Volume Control.

Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitters

  • Works with: any iPod, or other headphone-capable devices.
  • A must-have addition to any accessory bag
  • Slim volume control slider for each of SmartShare’s output jacks


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • Does it install easily?

This indispensable accessory lets you share your music and videos with a friend; great for car trips, plane flights, waiting rooms — anywhere you’re in the mood to share. Plug SmartShare into the mini-jack of any iPod, MP3, CD, portable DVD player or laptop computer and invite a friend to a party of two. The best part: each of you gets a volume control slider so you can both listen at the volume level you want.

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

2 Responses to “Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitters

  • Review by Francois R

    I’ve used this splitter with a portable DVD player, and have been satisfied. There’s not much to be said about the product. It works. You can easily adjust the volume, even in the dark.

    If you ever buy a splitter, make sure that you buy one with adjustable volume. No two people will want the volume adjusted exactly the same when using headphones!

  • Review by Scott E.

    It met my expectations. It lets me plug two sets of ear plugs into my ipod. It is not too bulky, the volume control is a very nice feature, and I have not found it slide out of the plug. My wife and I plan to take it on a long plane ride and I believe it will let us listen to music in peace while letting me not have to listen to music at her volume (and she won’t have to listen at my volume).

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