Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset

Purchasing the Smart&Safe® Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset – Reduces 98% of Harmful Radiation Emissions Generated By Cellphones – Compatible with iPhone & Blackberry and all Cellphones with 3.5mm Jack is simple when you have reviews. There are 3 reviews for this priced cheap Smart&Safe® Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset – Reduces 98% of Harmful Radiation Emissions Generated By Cellphones – Compatible with iPhone & Blackberry and all Cellphones with 3.5mm Jack. Even the latest Android operated cell phones if they are equipped with a 3.5mm jack can use this air headset.

Air Tube Headset Reviews

Make sure to read the air tube headset reviews and comments below for more information about this product. These are some of the cheapest air tube headsets available.

Buy Smart & Safe® Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset

  • Enjoy Crystal-clear sound while staying safe and protected from harmful radiation
  • Achieve up to 98% radiation reduction
  • Air tube and earpiece do not contain any wire or metal conductors
  • Uses patented SAAT technology – Stereo Acoustic Air TubeTM
  • Be “Smart and Safe” when talking on cell phones


You can type on a keyboard while speaking to customers.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

Smart&Safe® – The smart way to keep safe

Smart&Safe® is a revolutionary personal, stereo, hands-free kit that keeps the radiation away from your head. Smart&Safe® uses a hollow,
air tube to transmit the sound from cell phone conversations and music to your ear, based on patented SAAT technology – Stereo Acoustic Air
TubeTM. Using air, instead of wires, limits exposure to potentially harmful
electromagnetic radiation and dramatically reduces the amount radiation exposure.

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5 Responses to “Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset

  • Review by ESP Vegan

    ESP Vegan
    I originally did not get the right connector and could not get the headset to work properly. the company sent me the correct headset connector and it works great. the sound is clear, the headset is light, the ear “plugs” are comfortable and I feel relieved to be getting significantly less cell phone radiation.

  • Review by Swirly

    This Smart & Safe Hollow Air Tube Hands-Free Headset is only good for people who don’t mind losing 50% of the original sound. Not at all suitable for listening to music. The quality of the 50% that gets thru to the earpieces is poor at best. Don’t buy it just to TRY it. YOU CANNOT RETURN IT ONCE YOU CUT THE RIGID PLASTIC CLAM SHELL PACKAGING TO GET IT OUT!

  • Review by CD

    I was looking for an inexpensive, yet safe, headset option. Unfortunately, the ear buds don’t stay in my ears easily (and are not that comfortable when I try to jam them in so they will stay in) so I rarely use it.

  • Review by meso

    This hollow air tube headset was perfect for whatever i needed to do. Music worked fine and so did using it as a cell phone headset. All my conversations were crystal clear. I didn’t have any problem fitting these earbuds in my ear.

    I don’t know how much truth there is to the lack of radiation claims but it makes sense to me. I would recommend for someone looking for a change in headsets.

  • […] The overall quality of the headset is good, and most had to be replaced because of user error, or normal wear and tear. Because the headsets cord is over 4 feet long, it can get caught on things causing a short in the wire. A number of headsets had to be replaced only after they had been used for long periods of time, or several times a day for up to two years. Some found the size of this headset to be a bit large to be carried in a pocketbook, or in luggage during travel. If corded headsets are not your thing, consider hollow air tube headsets. […]

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