HS-02B Stereo Headset with Microphone

Check out the reviews for the HS-02B Stereo Headset with Microphone and how it is better than other headsets. There are reviews for this priced cheap HS-02B Stereo Headset W Mic.

HS-02B Stereo Headset with Microphone

  • Genius Headset HS-02B Classic stereo Headset w/ Vol/Mic RoHS.
  • The HS-02B is a new model in the Genius headset family for music and on-line talking.
  • It features headphones and a microphone with on-line volume control.
  • Bring fashion to your life with this classic stereo headset.
  • Listen to your favorite music or talk over the Internet with a friend.


You can type on a keyboard while speaking to customers.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • Does the cell phone headset work in a car environment? Truck? On the streets?

Genius HS-02B Stereo Headset 31710037100 Headsets & Earsets

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3 Responses to “HS-02B Stereo Headset with Microphone

  • Review by Brian LaLonde

    This is a “value” headset made by Genius. The B in HS-02B stands for blue. The plug-ins for both headphones and mic are 3.5mm stereo mini-plug. The cord is at least 5 feet long.

    This headset worked actually quite well for me when tested with Skype. The sound seems to be focused for more crispness in the high-end both in microphone and earphones.

    I have just two gripes about these: 1. The headset pads are a bit thin, so they tend to feel tough and clamped onto the ears. 2. The whole ensemble just feels cheap and so I expect especially the plastic parts of the headset to snap at some point.

    You get what you pay for – they’ll work.

  • Review by D. Mancheno

    Cheap and very clear. I use it with my VoIP and my callers say it sounds clearer then my mobile phone. Works perfect with Rosetta Stone.

  • Review by Eric Johnson

    Each of my kids have their own computers and when both are playing games or watching movies, it’s very hard for me to concentrate.

    Just in case my review gets truncated, let me say that I’m pleased, would recommend, and will buy again when I need a headset for the kids.

    That said…

    I’ve never spent under 40 dollars on a headset since all mine were used for gaming but those headsets would be overkill for their uses.

    I was a bit scared after I opened the box and saw the packaging. It is cheap and one of the plastic shells literally fell off when I picked it up to take the headset out. However, after they’ve been using them every day for a good month or two now, I can say that’s not really an issue (maybe if you bought from a store, but having it delivered doesn’t require solid packaging).

    The mic works well. My daughter loves using Rosetta Stone and I was a bit concerned about the mic quality but I haven’t heard her have to repeat herself or have other issues, so that concern was also unfounded.

    So despite first impressions with the cheap plastic covering (which I think is still BETTER than the razor sharp clamshell plastic wrapping found on electronics), the mics and headsets work fantastic, survive lots of abuse, and are perfect for someone who doesn’t need expensive acoustics.

    Would buy again and will if/when one breaks.

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