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Plantronics Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

When I first ordered this headset, I was skeptical. I had read other reviews about how comfortable the in-ear design was, but I had never tried it myself. Finally I got the Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth Headset in the mail and was very surprised at what I found. Buy the Plantronics Discovery 640 Bluetooth headset.

First, you don’t get just a charger and the device, you get small, medium, & large soft ear inserts, ear stabilizer loop (in case you don’t like the in-ear design), charging holster, AAA batter holder for charging, charging adapter so you can use your phone charger as a charger for the device, and a wall charger. And on top of all the accessories, they came in a metal case to keep together and organized.

Second, the pros of the cell phone headset easily outweigh the cons. The compact, comfortable and lightweight design is perfect for concealing behind my hair (I’m a female). The sound quality is superb, as one would expect from this company. And the people on the other end can hear me crisply, as well. Sometimes it may even be a little too sensitive, for example, I have been told that I am speaking a little too loudly.

There are very few cons I can think of for this device. The talk time is a little short, about five hours. But using the holster and AAA battery eliminates that problem. Another con, and a petty one I might add, is the fact that the device is so small and comfortable, the possibility of losing it becomes a problem. Unless it’s on the ear stabilizing loop, it could easily fall out of your ear without you even noticing (because it really is that comfortable). The Plantronics Discovery 655 is also recommended.

To sum it all up, this is a great device. It’s sleek, comfortable, and compact design gives it an edge against other competitors. It was definitely a smart buy on my part. Read more reviews of this headset.

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