Jabra 2050 Bluetooth Headset

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Jabra 2050 Bluetooth Headset


A cell phone headset provides a hands free option for cellular communication as you go through life’s duties.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • How easy is it to use?

Amazon.com Product Description Designed around a striking, silver disc, the elegant Jabra BT2050 enables you to dynamically and smoothly control your calls. With automatic pairing, simple four button interface and clear sound quality, the BT2050 is easy to set up and is perfect for busy people who want the benefits of great design–stunning looks and quality performance.

The Jabra BT2050 offers easily accessible volume controls and a beautiful disc design (see a larger schematic of all

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3 Responses to “Jabra 2050 Bluetooth Headset

  • Review by Your friend "Friend"

    Works good. Clear. No snap, crackle or pop. They give you a spare ear hook just in case you lose one. Devices never loses connection with the phone. Holds a charge for many days. No complaints with this device. Has only 4 buttons. One to power it on and off. One for up volumne, and one for down volume. One to answer the phone or hang it up. It saves in memory the last number you dialed. So if you want to call it again, you just push the hangup button twice. I think on my phone, the earbud rings, or the phone rings, but not both. So if the ear piece is laying on your desk, and someone calls, you will not hear the ring. My wife has a different brand, and her handset rings in addition to the ear piece ringing. That might be desirable or not. Her phone loses connection to the bluetooth device and she has to re-connect it. The brand I have never loses connection. I can walk about 20 feet away from the phone before it loses connection. I can also turn on the bluetooth while I’m using the handset and swap out. And vice versa. Makes beeping noise when the charge is low. I lost my first device, but bought another one exactly like it because I liked it so much. It’s very compact design, smaller than many others.

  • Review by geekyhokie

    I find this headset to be convenient most of the time. If there is background noise, sometimes it is hard to understand the person speaking to you, but all in all, I think it is worth it.

  • Review by Anonymous

    I use mine as a gaming headset. It was easy to sync the first time, and seems to have decent audio quality. My biggest issue with this headset is that is incredibly uncomfortable in your ear. I’ve tried it with and without the included ear hooks, I couldn’t stand more than 5 minutes. Maybe it’s just me, but the earbud part is too big. For gaming usage, I can just set it on the table and the mic will pick up what I’m saying, so it works well in that respect. But I would definitely not recommend this for walking around phone usage, there are much more comfortable options out there.

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