Jabra C250 EarWave Boom Headsets

Before buying Jabra C250 EarWave Boom Headsets take a look at the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Jabra C250 EarWave Boom Headsets made for 2.5mm earplugs.

Jabra C250 EarWave Boom Headsets

  • Unique noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise so your voice stands out more
  • your voice stands out more and listening quality is optimised by the high sensitivity miniature speaker and Jabra MiniGel which channel sound into your ear
  • Contoured earpiece fits discreetly behind either ear for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Answer/end button is positioned on the microphone boom
  • Superb comfort


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • How easy is it to use?

The Jabra EarWave Boom is a stylish, ultra-lightweight, behind-the-ear headset with a built-in miniature microphone boom for optimal voice pick-up.

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2 Responses to “Jabra C250 EarWave Boom Headsets

  • Review by Shelley Gammon "Geek"

    ┬áIt’s amazing the sound quality considering that when you have this thing over your ear, the “mouth” piece is a lot closer to your ear than it is to your mouth. I made a call right after I bought it and the person on the other end could not tell I was using a hands free device.

    Like all Jabra hands-free ear gizmos, this one comes with a variety of gel-like ear inserts for different shaped ears and for those who want to use the gizmo on their left ears instead of the right.

    My less than perfect rating is the less-than flexible adjustment for the piece that goes around the ear. It’s a snug fit, to be sure, but a little too snug. After a recent lengthy phone call, my ear was so fatigued from being squeezed for so long, it gave me a headache. There is no way to take the snug tension down a notch. I have normal size ears, not circus ears, so I’m not just complaining for the sake of it.

    The gel-like insert feels great – but it’s the over-the-ear gizmo that is doing the pinching. It’s almost like wearing 4lb clasp earrings or something. It really takes two hands to put this thing on, too.

    The quality in hearing conversations is also excellent. There is the most subtle of echoes in both receiving and sending, but it is barely detectable. My phone has an excellent hands-free speaker built-in, but a hands-free device is essential when you want privacy and don’t want to hold your phone up to your ear for an hour.

  • Review by Spidey "apu"

    I received two of these as gifts. They both work the same, so I don’t think either is defective. What I’ve found, though, is that when I use it with my Uniden TRU 4485 cordless phone at home, the person on the other end of the line can barely hear me. Whereas, when I use one of these headsets with my Motorola V180 cellular phone, the other party can hear me just fine. In both cases, I can hear the other party at a decent volume. The clarity of sound I hear on my end is good in both cases, as well. I’ve also found the headset to be lightweight, comfortable, and relatively easy to put on and take off. It also stays in my ear fairly reliably.

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