Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset (Blah Blah Black) Reviews

Purchasing the Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset (Blah Blah Black) is simple when you have reviews. There are 81 reviews for this priced cheap Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset (Blah Blah Black).

Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset (Blah Blah Black)

  • Stylish, high-tech Bluetooth headset in black with unique undulating texture and excellent background noise elimination
  • Latest in NoiseAssassin technology delivers improved noise elimination performance and an integrated digital approach to wind reduction
  • Multipoint support for simultaneous connection to two audio sources, including a PC
  • Up to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 216 hours (9 days) of standby time
  • What’s in the Box: headset, three round earbuds, three Fit earbuds, one earloop, USB cable, AC wall adapter


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Buying Guide Questions

  • What color would you prefer?
  • How is the sound clarity?

Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone, Black, v2.1 with EDR, Jawbone Branded, (includes AC Power Adapter, USB Cable, Earbuds and Ergo Earbuds [s,m,l], Leather Earloop)Combining ergonomic modern design with the latest in noise suppression technology, the Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset eliminates real world noise better than any other headset–even better than its predecessor, the Jawbone 2–thanks to the improved NoiseAssassin 2.0 technology. The Jawbone PRIME can handl

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Rating: (stars out of 81 reviews)

Price: $ 35.76

5 Responses to “Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset (Blah Blah Black) Reviews

  • Review by D. B. SLAGTER

    This is now my 3rd Jawbone and they finally got this thing perfected. I am on a cellphone and in and out of my car most of the day. I have REAL experience with every model.

    JAWBONE-1 was the best sounding to everyone I talked to which is what I was concerned with. It was way too heavy and awkward to use. Frankly, it looked clunky. The ear fit caused more “fits” than anything else, utterly frustrating.

    JAWBONE-2 was a big improvement in weight comfort but STILL would not fit right for most everyone. The earloops where prone to break because you would constantly be “adjusting” it. Many times it would just fall out and hang on your ear. This caused the “jawbone” sensor to not make contact with your skin rendering this device basically worse than any other bluetooth headset. The volume was NEVER quite enough and the touch controls were so “touchy” you would almost always cut off your own call.

    JAWBONE-PRIME – Great example of a company listening to the users. NO Earhook Required, REALLY! They took the approach of the Plantronics Discovery ear gel, and it will fit ANYONE’S EAR!!. At first you almost can’t believe it will stay in without a hook but it absolutely does.

    YOU CAN ADD THE EAR LOOP AND IT’S STILL COMFORTABLE, but, in reality, not needed except maybe for a confidence factor. If you’re in a really rough environment on a job site then maybe the hook would add this.

    It is SO light I suppose it could fall out of your ear and you might not notice that it feel out. The hook may help in that scenario.

    Looks SO MUCH BETTER when on. – At least people don’t look at you like you have an big cockroach hanging out of your ear like so many other headphones. If you like color, (mine’s business black) this is a cool alternative for the right person.

    Volume is awesome! Finally a headset that actually needs to be turned down. Can you imagine this? It’s true.

    Jawbone sensor NEVER CREEPS AWAY from my face. Once you simply turn the ear gel to your fit, it almost leverages itself against your skin to complete the fit.

    I finally can put this in my pocket without fear of breaking it. Or, I place it in a tiny little belt holster I bought at Best Buy when not in use. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM SOLVED. I have lost 2 Jawbones already because I left it somewhere when I took it out of my ear.

    I hope this review helps someone. I always wonder if anyone actually reads these reviews so let me know if it did.



  • Review by WJ


    -Once you determine which earbud fits you best, then you will have no problem with the unit falling out of your ear. I can walk, jog, and even bend over and shake my head and the thing still stays in place, without an ear hook. It is super light and decently comfortable. I’ve worn it for 3 hours straight without discomfort. I haven’t used it with the ear hook, so I can’t comment on that…

    -The volume is great. I’ve had a problem with bluetooth headsets not being loud enough, since I drive a diesel truck. You can literally turn the volume up until it hurts your ear. It by far has the capability of being louder than any unit I have ever used.

    -The noise cancellation works good. When testing it, I actually revved my diesel with the window down and the unit on that side of my head. The person on the other end of the call could barely hear anything other than my voice.

    -There was no noticeable wind noise when I tested it in a steady breeze.

    -I have been told by everyone that I’ve spoken to that the clarity of my voice is better with this unit than when using the phone without it. (Motorola Q).

    -It looks good =)


    -It doesn’t come with a car charger (although that’s pretty standard now days)

    -It has a special charger that only works with it.

    -There is still a little distortion in how people sound on my end. They are plenty loud enough, and I can understand them, but it’s still there. Now, to be fair to the Jawbone Prime, it could be my phone, since it’s the same distortion that I’ve noticed with all earpieces that I’ve tried.

    Even with those negatives, it’s still by far the best earpiece that I’ve ever used.

  • Review by L. MATSUMOTO

    I’ve had a couple of Bluetooth headsets before – both Plantronics. And while they worked pretty reliably, they cannot stand up to this new Jawbone Prime. I recently ordered the Plantronics 925 (liked the styling and color). But after reading the various reviews and watching the videos on the Jawbone Prime, I decided to give this a try. I am glad I did.

    I just got this today and I love it! The fit is perfect because of the variety of earpieces you have to choose from. I found the exact fit using the smallest earpiece with the little stabilizer loop. I don’t have to use the earloop (thank goodness) – that was one thing that prevented me from trying the older version of the Jawbone. The Jawbone is so light that you can’t really feel that you have it on. The NoiseAssassin works wonderfully. I made several calls today (to friends and to my voice mail) and the NoiseAssassin cancels out pretty much all of the ambient noise. And the people at the other end said that I sounded very clear.

    Couple of little things that will take some getting used to: (1)utilizing the hidden button or dimple (on/off, pairing) on the side and the button on the top (last number redial, volume, NoiseAssassin cancellation, call reject). Since it’s hidden for aesthetic reasons, it’s a little hard to find at first. Once you get used to where it is, it’s not a problem; (2)determining what mode the earpiece is in (on or off) since the little LED light is so small and kind of hidden when you press on the side button/dimple. This is minor and just something to learn.

    Even with these two minor issues, I still give the Jawbone Prime 5 stars for call quality (especially the NoiseAssassin), style/workmanship, and ease of use. I will be returning my Plantronics 925. I wrote a review on this earpiece and will have to modify it after this.

  • Review by Dieter G. Achtelstetter

    Dieter G. Achtelstetter

    I read and watched several off the reviews about the Jawbone Prime headset. Most spoke extremely well about it , with statements like “the best bluetooth headset ever” and so on , with most agreeing on that the 2 hidden buttons take a bit getting used to.

    I agree with all these. The noise canceling does really work, driving on the freeway with the windows down , the other person could not tell and clearly hear me. But nobody mentioned the 2 aspects that made me return this headset.

    – Very delicate . This is not a headset that you want to put in your jeans pockets, it would be trashed in a few days. All my previous headsets where a lot more rugged and did fine in my jeans pocket. This headset will require a purse or jacket pocket to store when you are about and don’t want to wear it. Or you would need to buy a geeky belt holder.

    – Less then 1 day battery live. With just a few calls , like 3 to 4 , having the headset paired to my phone the batteries didn’t last the day. I left the house by 7 AM , before 3 PM the battery is dead.

  • Review by Chad in PDX

    Chad in PDX
    I just purchased the Jawbone Prime with NoiseAssassin. It works great, in fact, it fit in my ear perfectly right out of the box! The volume range is great. After trying out the Plantronics Discovery 925 (which is very comparable to the JB Prime) I would definitely recommend the JB Prime. The Plantonics 925 felt like I had a rock in my ear. None of the earbuds fit right. Very uncomfortable! I returned the 925 and purchased the Prime and I’m glad I did.

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