Jawbone Prime Lime Green Bluetooth Headsets

Purchasing the Jawbone Prime Lime Green Bluetooth Headsets is simple when you have reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Jawbone Prime Lime Green Bluetooth Headsets.

Jawbone Prime Lime Green Bluetooth Headsets

  • Stylish, high-tech Bluetooth headset in green with unique undulating texture and excellent background noise elimination
  • Latest in NoiseAssassin technology delivers improved noise elimination performance and an integrated digital approach to wind reduction
  • Multipoint support for simultaneous connection to two audio sources, including a PC
  • Up to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 216 hours (9 days) of standby time
  • What’s in the Box: headset, three round earbuds, three Fit earbuds, one earloop, USB cable, AC wall adapter


In many states, there are fines for people who are caught talking on a cell phone. Talk in your car without fear of the police pulling you over and giving you a ticket.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone, Green, v2.1 with EDR, Jawbone Branded, (includes AC Power Adapter, USB Cable, Earbuds and Ergo Earbuds [s,m,l], Leather Earloop)Combining ergonomic modern design with the latest in noise suppression technology, the Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset eliminates real world noise better than any other headset–even better than its predecessor, the Jawbone 2–thanks to the improved NoiseAssassin 2.0 technology.

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2 Responses to “Jawbone Prime Lime Green Bluetooth Headsets

  • Review by A Conrad "I am unique, just like everyone else"

    This is an honest review of the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Ear Candy Edition (Drop Me a Lime Green).

    I ordered this through one of the “Daily Deals” so I got it for a very good price. It is an excellent/very good bluetooth headset. Let me first describe everything that is great about it:

    – Best sound quality of all the BT headsets I’ve used (and I’ve gone through plenty). With the Jawbone Prime, I heard the person on the other end very clearly, and I was clear to the other person as well. No complaints from the other caller when I used this BT headset, unlike when I used the Motorola H500 or the Plantronics Explorer 220 and my voice is cut-off about 10-25% of the time. I was between this and the Plantronics Voyager Pro, and opted for the Jawbone Prime when the price came down.
    – Very loud (or loud enough). I’ve set my phone’s earpiece volume to MED using this BT unit, whereas I have to set my phone up to HIGH using my other BT units.
    – Best noise cancellation technology IMHO. I turned the feature on and off and called a few friends to directly compare the feature, and each of them was amazed with how well it works. It works with low-to-moderate background noise when you are in a car, in a store, in starbucks, etc. The Plantronics Voyager Pro comes a close second to the Jawbone Prime.
    – It is lightweight and compact, so easy to store when not in use.
    – Easy to put on. However, it may take a while to figure out the proper configuration to get it to stay in your ear. My suggestion is to first clean the part of your ear that will be in contact with this earpiece (easy, straight-forward, and logical). Next, put the earpiece part with loop at the 12-oclock position, then rotate so that the boom extends towards your mouth. This also ensures you the voice activity sensor (VAS) has proper contact with your cheek. But once it is on, it stays on.
    – The earloop keeps the unit in place and prevents it from falling out of the ear, but the VAS doesn’t always stay flush with my cheek when using the earloop. I don’t use the earloop.
    – Relatively easy to pair with my phones. I have it paired for my two cell phones (Multipoint). However, it will only connect to one phone at a time, so don’t be confused by this feature if you think you can connect to two phones simultaneously (like a conference call).
    – The color! I have not misplaced this, and is so easy to spot among the clutter on my desk.

    If I stopped here, I would have given this product 5-stars.

    Now, the negatives:

    – Finding the proper fit and configuration of the earbud may take a while. It is not as easy-to-use as the Voyager Pro. When using the earbud alone (without the earloop), it does not stay on and sometimes falls out. Because of this, I use it only when I am in my office, in the car, or at home and need to talk on the phone and do other things. I don’t wear it when I am walking or moving too much. If I need to use it while I am walking the dog, I use the earloop. Not a big deal, but it is an extra step to take.
    – When it is very windy, the noise cancellation works too efficiently and the person on the other end cannot hear me. Also, I tried using it while driving a convertible, and the person on the other end cannot hear me at all.

    – Finally, after three weeks of use, the power “button” gave out. The button is stuck on the pressed state. Now, I cannot press the button to answer a call, or to turn unit on/off. Once I got it on the “on” position, I just left it on. I am trying to exchange it, and will update when it happens.

    The top two “cons” would drop the rating down half a star. The last “con” may be isolated to this unit alone and not to all of the units. However, because it is something that happened to me, I will have to include it in my review and rating for the product. Also, in my attempt to exchange this for the same product, Amazon will not allow me to exchange this unit because it is “no longer in stock”. I assume it is not in stock with Amazon.com, but available from merchants who sell through Amazon (but not eligible for Amazon Prime). I want the same unit, but because it is out of stock, Amazon will only allow a RETURN. I purchased this on one of the “Daily Deals” so if I tried to purchase it now, it will cost me an extra $25-45 (plus shipping). I would rather wait for another unit to be available that is eligible for Amazon Prime, and use one of my older BT headsets. I actually did not factor in this particular “con” for the product star-rating, since it is more of a criticism of Amazon/Seller rather than the product.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Great bt headset works amazing for my ps3. comes with 6 changable earbuds in different sizes, a earloop and a usb/wall charger.

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