Jawbone The Black Thinker Bluetooth Headset (Black) Reviews

Buying the Jawbone The Black Thinker Bluetooth Headset (Black) will help you with your daily functioning. There are 54 reviews for this priced cheap Jawbone The Black Thinker Bluetooth Headset (Black).

Jawbone The Black Thinker Bluetooth Headset (Black)

  • Lethal NoiseAssassin eliminates noise and reduces wind
  • Custom ICON audio tones whisper battery life and Caller ID
  • Personalize your ICON with Audio & Dial Apps via Jawbone MyTalk
  • iPhone Battery meter displays your Jawbone ICON’s remaining battery life on your iPhone
  • 4 out of 5 people prefer talking on a Jawbone vs. a cell phone alone!


Taking notes while listening to a conversation.

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  • How easy is it to use?

The most convenient Jawbone yet with easy to operate On/Off slid switch and one simple to use button provides unparalleled convenience. Standard micro-USB charging technology, so you don’t have to carry more cables! Simultaneous Multipoint means that your Jawbone ICON can manage two calls from two different phones at the same time. ICON is the world’s first intelligent headset with MyTalk. MyTalk allows you to dynamically update and personalize each individual Jawbone ICON with an array of conve

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Rating: (stars out of 54 reviews)

Price: $ 61.99

5 Responses to “Jawbone The Black Thinker Bluetooth Headset (Black) Reviews

  • Review by I. Mirtchev

    I. Mirtchev
    After reading some bad reviews of this product I was skeptical of purchasing it, but i’m glad I did. This version of the icon has a matte finish so it’s not too flashy. The device easily paired up to my 3GS right out of the box. At first the sound was weak but after I updated it using Jawbone’s updater it was way better. A2DP works wonderfully with the iphone and they just updated it and made it louder. Make sure you have a C: drive on you’re computer or else the jawbone software won’t be able to install. So far sound quality on both ends is very good and it works well in loud environments. I would recommend this bluetooth to any iphone owner since it has the battery meter and works with voice dialing.

  • Review by OCD Shopper

    OCD Shopper
    I have an earlier model bluetooth that I liked, but it suffered from the same problem as all bluetooths I have had so far–it would turn itself on in my pocket. This would occasionally lead to my thigh making a call to a random person or the battery draining prematurely. That has changed with this model Jawbone. I LOVE the fact that this model has a rocker switch to turn it on and off. No more turning on by mistake! It also connects to the phone much faster than any other bluetooth I’ve had, the moment the switch it moved, there is only a half second before it connects to the phone. Also, the pairing of the device is quick and easy. I turned it on for the first time and it was already in discovery mode, so I didn’t have to hold this button and that button for X amount of seconds to get to discovery. Call quality is excellent, as expected from a jawbone.

  • Review by J. T. MCFARLAND

    The Jawbone Icon is probably the best Bluetooth going when it comes to technology. It’s also pretty versatile as far as switching ears or using it with an ear clip or no clip at all. I prefer to use an ear clip as I don’t have to worry about it falling off (even though my friends have no problem)… just provides more assurance. I do have a problem with it in my right ear, maybe that’s just me. Overall, outstanding noise cancelling, nice voice that announces what number is calling you and good thinking on the whole unit. I love it.

  • Review by Lee Zindell

    Lee Zindell
    I have used and owned all of their previous models with the noise assassin technology. This icon model is the lightest weight, most comfortable, noise killing of them all. When driving at high speed on the interstate, the called party just hears your voice. You can also add applications to the device. Just go to their website and download different voices, languages, and applications. One thing that I like is that using voice dial with it, it invariable chooses the correct number to dial. Also on an incoming call, it announces the phone number calling you, a very nice feature.

  • Review by SanDiegoGuy

    the unit is easy to operate and the battery last for a long while

    unit is very light and easy to pair with Iphone

    However I can not get a good seal between the ear cup and my ear’s curvetures…

    so I am using the earl clip to hold the Headset to my ear which result in incming sound loss

    I even purchase some after market rubber ear pieces but the do not fit either…

    wish they offer a fold over rubber side to can nest inside ear tunnel for better sound quality and and better Headset attachment to ear cannal….

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