Kensington HiFi Headphones

When buying Kensington HiFi Headphones make sure to ask yourself the right questions. There are reviews for this priced cheap Kensington HiFi Headphones.

Kensington HiFi Headphones

  • Sold as 1 each


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Buying Guide Questions

  • What color would you prefer?
  • Does it install easily?

Kensington Hi-fi Stereo Headphone 33137 Headphones & Earphones

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3 Responses to “Kensington HiFi Headphones

  • Review by David N. "Dark Eskimo"

    These headphones are not bad. I wasn’t expecting high quality sound. I wanted to buy
    some headphones to mess with or use for basic casual use because I tend to be scared of breaking the
    chord when I am out and about with my other expensive in-ear buds or studio quality headphones. I would use them for the sole purpose of using them out in public and listening
    to soothing soft toned music, but not for more aggressive genres.

  • Review by crazytrain

    This is a pretty good set of headphones for the price. They are very sturdy and comfortable, especially compared to stock mp3 player headphones. They’re probably too bulky for use with an iPod, but they’re good for computer use and I like the long 9 ft. cord.

    I’m not an audiophile, but the sound is on the bassy side, so don’t expect high quality audio.

  • Review by Audio Guy

    Build is plastic but the headphones have a solid feel. They do a good job blocking out external noise. Bass is strong and not too muddy. The main weakness is the treble. High frequency sounds such as cymbals sound a bit dull, like the treble control is turned down. Using an equalizer improved the sound.

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