Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headsets

Buying the Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headsets will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headsets.

Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headsets

  • Ideal for computer games with sound cards, telephone, voice activated and voice recognition software
  • Clear Voice Technology noise canceling microphone delivers clear communication in noisy environments
  • Dynamic element for extended frequency response
  • Single-sided cord entry for unobstructed use
  • Lifetime warranty


You can type on a keyboard while speaking to customers.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • How is the sound clarity?

The Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset is a perfect hands-free solution to all of your gaming and telephony needs. Featuring a noise-cancellation microphone that delivers clear communications in noisy environments, the Koss CS100 Headset is also ideal for voice activated and voice recognition software. With an excellent frequency response, the headphones deliver high-performance sound at an economical price.

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3 Responses to “Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headsets

  • Review by Marc

    The headset is very light and comfortable, it might seem fragible but it is made of pretty good material. It will not apply pressure to your ears, and the earbuds are very comfortable, as well as having a slight 30ยบ degree rotation (on its axis).

    As far as sound quality goes, it is above average compared to other cheap headsets out there (~20$US seems to be the above average price). The speakers sound pretty decent, as long as you use them for voice. The high notes are pretty notable (accentuated a little bit too much), the midrange is ok, and the bass surprisingly manages to perform very well for the price. It is there and it serves the purpose of voice chat.

    As far as the mic goes, it is not a professional mic (those are $30-$200), but it manages to perform well.

    The microphone is very omnidirectional, so keep in mind for example I have a somewhat loud computer fan half a meter away from the mic, and you will hear it in the background.

    As far as voice range goes, it manages to capture low notes pretty decently, again I have to restate, for the price, it is what you get. If you are not doing a radio show or a podcast, then this is great for voice chatting, gaming, voice recognition, etc.

    A good tip would be to adjust the mic to be above the mouth by a few degrees and also turn its inner face way from you. Doing so allows for a better sampling of your voice as the recording will not be crippled by constant air noises from your breathing.

    On the technical side, you might want to note that the microphone also has an outer side, so not only it captures your voice, but the ambient noise. The cord is pretty long, just enough to be comfortable, but not long enough for you to roam freely (I have it plugged in the front of my computer).

    Final note: Good headset for the price, good for people on a budget.

    Recommendation: If you want better quality, pay more, but if you just want to voice chat on Skype, this is great and cheap. Always test audio products before you buy them.

  • Review by Brooke P. Anderson

    I do a lot of on-line gaming (Aces High with built in voice, WWII Online with Teamspeak, Battlefield 1942 with Teamspeak). These headphones are perfect for what I want. They are not the most-comfortable headphones in the world, but they are adequate, and the price is very cheap ($15 or so). More importantly, the dynamic range on the sound is great so that I can localize sound sources in the game (good for locating where a shot came from). Even the low-end rumble is good (so that explosions and tanks sounds good, for example). The microphone on this headset is outstanding. My voice quality on these games is better than what the majority of players achieve. People who use crappy mics sound crappy in the game (static or distortion) — my voice quality is very clear. I have recommended these headphones for everyone I know who does on-line gaming.

  • Review by "bg-nor"

    Its perfect for in-game chat or when using teamspeak (or other IP-talk applications). Sound is Koss style (excellent), but not as good as Koss Porta Pro of course. The Mic is perfect. The fixed part of the arm rotates down to the mouth, the rest of the mic-arm is flexible and can be easily adjusted to any wish. Clear and good microphone. The cord is long compared to other headsets (more than 3 meters / 10 feet).

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