Koss VC20 Volume Control

If you are looking to buy Koss VC20 Volume Control, make sure to read the features first. There are reviews for this priced cheap Koss VC20 Volume Control.

Koss VC20 Volume Control

  • Includes pocket/belt clip for convenient positioning
  • Can be used with any portable music device
  • Headphone jack is 3.5mm stereo plug compatible
  • Minijack iPhone compatible plug(not gold plated)
  • 90 day warranty


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Buying Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

Provides convenient level of adjustment from stereophone. Includes pocket/belt clip for comfortable cord postioning. Connects to any 1/8″ stereophone jack.The Koss VC-20 volume control can be used with any music player. A convenient pocket or belt clip lets you position the VC-20 where it’s most comfortable for you.

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3 Responses to “Koss VC20 Volume Control

  • Review by Headphone Pilot

    This is a volume control, but NOT an amplifier. It will make your MP3 player, etc., quieter, but NOT louder. If your source is too quiet, look for a headphone amplifier.

    When I used to listen to a cassette walkman it was easy to turn down the volume when I needed to. The volume control was a thumbwheel right on the player. I have several MP3 players now, and they all have hi-tech context sensitive controls. This means (for me, anyway) that I have to look at the screen to make sure the button or slide control is set for volume. This control solves that problem. Set the player for a volume slightly on the loud side and use the inline control to get comfortable sound. If you need to lower the volume (to talk to someone, for instance) you can use the volume control without taking your player out of your pocket.

    This model has a three foot cord between the player and the volume control. This is nice if your player has an FM tuner — MP3 players use the headphone cord as an FM antenna. My generic ones were only about 8 inches long and the FM reception suffered.

    The control has a clip on it, so you can wear your player safely in a padded pouch on your belt and clip the volume control to your chest pocket.

    A few reviewers have noted that lowering the volume attenuates high frequencies. I tried using the EQ settings on my player (I was also using Koss PortaPro headphones). When I had Bass Boost EQ settings I did notice some high frequency attenuation in both the Koss and generic inline volume controls; when the EQ was turned off I didn’t notice as much high frequency attenuation, but the sound was very “flat.” Anyway, I don’t think I would have noticed it if other reviewers hadn’t pointed it out.

    An inline volume control is very handy for portable MP3 players, etc., and this unit is well thought out, and works great.

  • Review by J. Feira

    This is a surprisingly useful gadget, as it serves as an extension cord and volume control. The extension cord aspect adds about 3 feet to your headphone, which gives me a lot more room to move when I am listening to music on my computer. The volume control is handy when using a portable player because you can change the volume without jostling the player.

  • Review by H. Mason

    This is something you probably won’t fully appreciate until you’ve had one for a while and then lose it. You may not need a headphone extension cord with an inline volume control. But once you get used to having one, you’ll find the convenience and functionality are habit forming. The one I lost was in daily use for 3 or 4 years and continued to work well.

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