LG HBM-230 Bluetooth Hands Free Headsets

Cheap prices for LG HBM-230 Bluetooth Hands Free Headsets are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap LG HBM-230 Bluetooth Hands Free Headsets.

LG HBM-230 Bluetooth Hands Free Headsets


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Questions to Consider

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  • Does it install easily?

The LG HBM-230 is a convenient multifunction Bluetooth headset. Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction – Delivers crystal clear audio quality. Advanced Multipoint Connection – Allows users to switch between work and personal communications by connecting two handsets at once. Up to 13 Hours of Talk Time – Extended talk time capability for people on-the-go. Multifunction – Access multiple commands; voice activated dialing, call waiting / call reject, and last number redial.

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3 Responses to “LG HBM-230 Bluetooth Hands Free Headsets

  • Review by Umakant C

    This is pretty small size and easy to use BT device i use it with my LG optimus One and it works perfect with skype calls and streaming audio with BT Mono. and the audio quality is perfect, i use this device with my HP compaq 6910p on Linux Mint Operation system and BT device sync very quickly with just one click of button after the device is added on my laptop with simple steps and few clicks and after that i just have to on my LG bluetooth and it pushes all the audio on it and i use it for talking on skype and listen to podcast streaming from my laptop to my LG bluetooth device it works very good and i guess it can stream audio for more then 6 to 9 hours continuously depending on your distance and volume.

    Pro. Cheap, Long Range, Easy configurable, perfect for skype calls and other BT devices rather then just cell phone eg laptop, gaming console etc

    Cons. could cause headache if use for a long Continuous Stretch it may be due to wireless transmission but i feel you get used to it after some days.

  • Review by Buyer020

    If you are looking for hands free conversation, and are on a tight budget, this will work for you!

  • Review by M. Velasquez

    Great price and I was curious about the LG Bluetooth technology. I’m not disappointed at all. It is light, long lasting with the batteries, has great sound. I may buy another one.

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