LG Stereo Headset HandsFree Headphones plus Adapter

When buying LG Stereo Headset HandsFree Headphones plus Adapter OEM (SGEY0003602) Grey Silver 2.5mm Jack for LG VX-5400 Verizon Cell Phone, make sure to ask yourself the right questions. There are 2 reviews for this priced cheap LG Stereo Headset HandsFree Headphones plus Adapter OEM (SGEY0003602) Grey Silver 2.5mm Jack for LG VX-5400 Verizon Cell Phone …Plus FREE Neck Strap / Lanyard!!!.

LG Stereo Headset HandsFree Headphones plus Adapter OEM (SGEY0003602) Grey Silver 2.5mm Jack for LG

  • Mutes the music, and operates in mono sound during a call
  • Music resumes in stereo when call is ended
  • Noise-reducing microphone
  • Designed to fit most 2.5mm/3.5 mm universal stereo cell phone models that have stereo output built-in
  • A LG headset with lanyard


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

This LG Voyager Stereo Earbud Headset allows you to enjoy stereo sound, from music or video, directly from your LG Voyager phone (Where service is available). The LG Voyager headset features a built-in microphone and volume control. The LG Voyager audio will mute automatically for incoming calls; simply press the button on the headset and start talking.
The detachable jack allows for either 2.5 or 3.5mm use. (For safety reason while driving, please remove one of the earpieces).

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Rating: (stars out of 2 reviews)

Price: $ 8.99

2 Responses to “LG Stereo Headset HandsFree Headphones plus Adapter

  • Review by FaLKiN

    I had this product and lost it. I couldnt find it to order, so I ordered a lil wire thing instead. What a mistake! The wire made to plug in the charger plug hole of your phone didnt even work for my phone! Sucked!!! I’m so glad I found this product again!! If you use your phone like a mp3 player as I do, you want a good quality piece like this. You can use this to hook up any regular set of headphones. the headphones included are decent, but not great. I dont use them because I have a really good set of Seinheiser headphones that sound better. This piece is made by LG, for LG. but may work on other phones, although I’m not sure.

  • Review by J. B. Wong

    J. B. Wong
    I needed this for the adapter… it works great. The mic is located on the adapter portion — with the headphones connecting at that point. I never use the headphones anymore… the length of the headphones were designed to rest on one side of the head… but the length of the cables made it awkward.

    The microphone picks up sound well, its range is better than i expected. I use it in the car– with a audio-cassette adapter, i hook my phone up to the car’s system. The mic can pick up sound if I rest it in a cup holder in front of me.

    If you just need an adapter, i’d pick up a 3 dollar one. But it just happened to be best for my set up, with sound hooked into my car’s audio system and the mic resting in front.

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