Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset – Black

Cheap prices for Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset – Black are available to purchase now. There are 174 reviews for this priced cheap Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset – Black.

Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset – Black

  • 2.4 GHz wireless: Move freely up to 33 feet (10 meters) away from your computer.
  • Laser-tuned audio drivers: Advanced laser design technology delivers high-quality, uncompressed, stereo audio.
  • Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear conversations and voice commands.
  • Quick-access audio controls: Adjust volume and microphone mute right on the headset.
  • For use with: PC games; movies; music; and common calling applications including Skype , Yahoo! , Windows Live¿, and AIM .


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

Enjoy rechargeable, high-performance, stereo audio for PC calling, music, and games from up to 33 feet away from your computer.

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

Rating: (stars out of 174 reviews)

Price: $ 73.68

5 Responses to “Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset – Black

  • Review by T. Hassler

    T. Hassler
    This headset had me hooked and I preordered it months before I finally got it. I didn’t want to review it until I put it through it’s paces. Sadly it comes up short in more ways than I expected. But I’m a fair guy, so let’s start with the Positive:

    1) It’s cordless, gets decent range ~10m in my testing.

    2) The sound quality of the headset and the mic are both pretty good (i.e. no complaints in game chat).

    3) Headset cushions are top notch.

    4) Quality construction – they aren’t breaking anytime soon.

    5) I was impressed with the ease of setting them up. Plug in the USB dongle, turn them on, set games to use the new headset.

    And on to the negative:

    1) Granted, I have a fairly big melon, but these have a really tight fit and start to fatigue the ears after a few hours of wear.

    2) The Battery life is not much over 3.5 hours in my testing. It doesn’t matter what app. I found myself plugging in the power cable to continue (what’s the point of cordless?!) and shutting them down even for quick breaks while idle in games.

    3) No interchangeable batteries (well, I didn’t take them apart to see, but then the case isn’t made to be taken apart).

    4) Proprietary power cable? Come on! Why this wasn’t mini USB, I’ll never understand.

    5) The Mic only comes down on the left hand side, which I find to be an annoying engineering limitation for no particular purpose.

    6) Mic is static – no way to flex it other than up or down. Though it seems to pic up my voice fairly well.

    7) I didn’t think this was a big deal at first, but now It might be the most annoying thing: The USB Dongle connected to the computer FLASHES green incessantly until the headset is turned on and they sync. Now, I’m a computer guy, I’ve a truckload of LEDs that keep the office well lit at night, but NONE of them blink and draw attention to themselves except for a few moments. This stupid thing won’t stop. I have to put things in front of it to keep it from annoying me.

    So, I’m disappointed in this thing. Logitech makes good gear, but engineering needs to review this one and make the following changes for version 2:

    1) Use standard USB to power the headset. If you must have a charge indicator, just build it into the headset as another LED and forget the proprietary cable.

    2) If you have to drop both earpieces to fit a larger head, there should be an adjustable top pad so it stays in place.

    3) Make it so that the mic can flip either way, and the Left/Right speakers change accordingly.

    4) Beef up the battery power and make it so it charges faster. 3 hours? Come on… even 6 hours isn’t much for marathon MMORPGs or LAN Parties, and your headset came nowhere near that mark. It’s not cordless if I have to keep the power cable plugged in. Suggestion: 12 Hours minimum, even if it adds to bulk a little bit. And that’s actual 12 hours, not some mathematical estimate.

    5. Use two different colored lights on the USB dongle instead of flashing the same one. How expensive can that be?

    And for those of us that wear glasses, please make a model with convex earpieces, the concave ones put pressure at the top of the ear and they smash the earpiece of your glasses against the skull. Unpleasant. Okay, this one’s more of a wish, but the others above are absolutely requisite.

    There you have it. The decent sound quality, construction, and cordlessness don’t come close to outweighing the technical issues. I’d give this a 2.5, but when it costs close to a hundo, the price factor says all of these things should never have been a problem. If the next version sucks the same, I’ll be looking for another manufacturer (and I’m a Logitech fan).

  • Review by Theodore G. Palmer

    Theodore G. Palmer
    I just got my Logitech ClearChat Wireless headset today, and so far so good. It is the third wireless stereo headset I’ve tried and it is by far the best of all three. After using my first two wireless headsets, I switched back to my wired one due to echos during Skype calls, poor headset volume (I had trouble hearing people), and low mic volume (people had trouble hearing me). I haven’t experienced any of these problems with my new headset. Of the four calls I’ve made so far (3 Skype to Skype and one SkypeOut) the only comment I received was that I sounded a little more “electronic” then normal. To be fair, the same person who mentioned this, also asked for the product info at the end of the call. Below is a summary of the pros and cons that I have found so far.


    Audio sounds great (using both Skype and iTunes)

    No echo when used with Skype

    Volume is more than adequate and louder than my previous wired headset

    Comfortable fit (my wife disagrees with me here)

    Easy to use volume controls on headset

    Slightly better than advertised range (I got about 35-40 feet from the USB dongle before losing reception)


    Although the range seems to be a little better than advertised, I’d love to see a wireless headset that gets twice this range.


    I’ve been using this headset every day for the past 9 months (mostly for Skype) and it has worked great up until today. All of a sudden the headset started making a funny buzzing sound. I removed the headset turned it off and on and noticed the power light was red. I plugged in the headset and it remained red. The buzzing noise has stopped, but now the headset won’t turn on. Looks like it’s back to my trusty wired headset for now 🙁

  • Review by Gilkman

    I received mine today. Work just fine with all of the applications I have tested….iTunes, Ventrilo, World of Warcraft, etc. My Vent buddies tell me they sound better than the wired headset I was previously using.

    I can get out of range when moving laterally 25 feet or so, but it re-acquires the signal after I move upstairs and get within 20 or so feet line of sight.

    Setup was super easy; plug in the dongle, turn on the headset, and DONE.

    Very happy with this purchase; Headset is light and comfortable. The boom mic will not interfere with pizza slices or martini glasses.

    I only wish the volume/mute controls were on the left side so I wouldn’t have to take my hand off my mouse – lefties rejoice!

    Agree with previous comments regarding adjustability for large heads…I wish it had an extra 1/2 inch to expand; hence only 4 stars.

  • Review by Snurt

    THese are amazingly good. I am pretty sure they use the Avnera technology, I dont think there is anything else out there that it could be. I use them to listen to music and to make skype calls – works great for both, no switching back and forth, it just works. Music is spectacular since it’s full spectrum 20Hz-20KHz, and (since I think this is Avnera) no lossy compression like bluetooth etc that messes up the music experience. It certainly sounds like they are lossless.

    Skype calls are very clear, the equivalent to a wired headset. Range is very good, better than they claim, I have walked 50 feet away from my PC and still had a perfect connection through walls and doors, which is nice. No interference from/with wifi or bluetooth as near as I can tell.

    Installation was nice – I plugged in the usb dongle, and that was it. Vista switched me over so that was my default audio device. Literally no software, no hassling with settings, etc – they just worked right out of the box.

    I think my only complaint is that sometimes the battery doesnt last the full day with continuous use. But that’s a fairly minor issue to me since it’s rare that I have them on for 8+ hours straight, usually I plug them in to charge at lunch or when I go to a meeting.

  • Review by Adam

    I have been searching for a long time for a good wireless headset. I game for hours upon hours, and use Ventrilo to communicate with the people I game with. I’ve been fed up with corded headsets for years, but options for wireless headsets are few and far between. This has always boggled my mind, as I cannot fathom why people are happy being tethered to their PCs. Enter the Logitech ClearChat. I had high hopes for this after reading all the good reviews it received. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed not long after I began using it. I’m just going to make bullet points as that seems the best way to review this headset.


    – It’s wireless.

    – Incredibly easy to set up.

    – Headset sounds reasonable.

    Ok now that the only 3 good things I can say about them are out of the way…


    – The mic is not long enough. I like a mic that wraps around at least somewhat close to my mouth. This one gets sort of close to the side of my mouth.

    – The earmuffs are too small.

    – The headset doesn’t adjust its length far enough. I couldn’t extend them to a comfortable position. You better have a tiny head or they will be uncomfortable.

    – Because of the small earmuffs and lack of adjustable length, they wound up physically hurting my ears after only 15 minutes or so of wearing them.

    – The receiver would sometimes randomly have to reconnect to the headset, causing large amounts of noise to everyone listening.

    – There is no way to extend the range, since it’s not a Bluetooth headset.

    – The mic was constantly transmitting, and I’m not sure if it was the base unit or the headset, or a combination of both, but somehow the unit fooled Ventrilo into thinking that I was talking when I wasn’t. I dislike using push to talk and rely exclusively on voice activation, so people could hear me typing, and breathing, and every other mundane little thing I would do, no matter how high I put Ventrilo’s sensitivity. This was never an issue with my corded headset.

    – When you walked out of range, the unit would transmit a large amount of annoying noises to everyone in Ventrilo.

    – The cord that plugs into the unit to charge it never felt like it was really connected, as there was barely any “snap” when the cord was placed in it. It felt very cheap.

    – No indication that the battery was about to die. The headset would just up and quit.

    – Battery life is too short. It would last maybe four hours, and then guess what: you’re right back to having to deal with a cord again to charge it.

    To sum up, this headset failed on almost every aspect of what a good wireless headset should be. I am very disappointed in them and would never recommend them to anyone.

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