Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorders

Check out the reviews for the Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder and how it is better than other headsets. This camcorder is iPhone and Android compatible. Be prepared to go webcaming or vlogging anywhere you want. There are reviews for this priced cheap Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder, iPhone and Android Compatible.

Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder, iPhone and Android Compatible

  • With LooxcieCam App or as a standalone device – VGA, 30 fps, 4000 kbps bitrate, 1 hr record time, 2 hrs battery life
  • With LooxcieMoments App (mobile sharing quality) – HVGA, 15 fps, 800 kbps bitrate 5 hrs continuous looping video capture, 5 hrs clip storage from captured video (2GB max), 4 hours battery life
  • f 2.8 lens
  • Auto high color and light correction
  • Codec – MPEG-4 video, AAC audio Battery –


For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

Looxcie is the first small, light, easy-to-wear camcorder system that records everything the user sees. Optimized for mobile use, the device fits comfortably over the ear and points where you look. Looxcie is always on, always recording, without the need to continually push a record button. When users want to capture a moment, they simply press the “Instant Clip” button to save a clip of the last thirty seconds. With the Android or iPhone app, and Bluetooth, users can view, edit, and share.

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2 Responses to “Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorders

  • Review by Seattle

    This device actually records better video than I expected. Of course, maybe I just had low expectations. I think really though, I just had realistic expectations and the Looxcie has met or exceeded those. I was thrilled to see this device in the pages of Popular Science a couple months ago, then bummed to find out that it was not available for the iPhone at that time. Luckily they got the iPhone version ready before the Christmas season and my wife hit a home run by making sure it was under the tree in time.

    I’ve only been using the Looxcie for one day so far (since Christmas), but I’ve recorded a bunch of clips and also downloaded the entire video buffer (a welcome new feature) to my Mac (a very simple process) and the video looked quite good. Yeah, it’s a little grainy, but not bad. It’s certainly better than my ability to remember every detail of every moment. Also, it looks like they have a new feature coming to iPhones that adds 30fps at 480 resolution, so the quality will be even better (granted with a shorter record time).

    I’ve never seen a device like this before, so I’m willing to live with it not quite being everything to everyone at this point. I’m sure it will get better and even at its current stage I’d say it’s pretty darn good. The biggest downside for me is that it seem quite big compared to a standard bluetooth headset. I was concerned that I would get a lot of weird looks and stares from people. But, I quickly realized that most people either were not concerned with what I was wearing on my ear or just thought it was an old school blue tooth headset. I do wish it was a bit smaller though…but I’m sure that will come in time as well. Overall I’m quite happy with the device so far.

  • Review by Patrik

    I’ve been looking for a wearable cam for some time. When I saw Looxcie I wanted one immediately, it’s not just a cam, as an added bonus it’s also a bluetooth headset with which you can make calls and answer incoming calls. But of course, the main thing is the cam, I’ve not seen a wearable cam at this price level anywhere. In fact, I’ve not seen a wearable cam at all being this easy to handle. It’s super easy to install and use. Pair it with your Iphone or Android-phone from the control panel where you usually pair bluetooth-devices. Download the LooxcieMoments-app from Appstore or Android market respectively run the app and you’re good to go.

    By the way, you don’t have to install any app or pair it, you can use the device anyway to record stuff. But you won’t be able to use phone as a viewfinder and other features the apps contain. But you can still transfer the clips using USB. But of course, you should install the app, they’re free. There’s two apps, LooxcieMoments and LooxcieCam. I prefer the first one, it records constantly in the background when you wear the device and put it in record mode. With one press of a button you save the last 30 seconds. It’s perfect when the kids does funny stuff or similar. You can also edit clips on the phone and share them, those clips can be up to 30 minutes long.

    I’ve seen other people here comment on the video quality. This is not a camcorder, for that I use a slightly larger memory-card based device that shoots 1080p videos and has lots of zoom-capabilities. This thing is not for that, this thing captures all those moments when videocameras should have been on but never is. Considering this, the quality of the Looxcie-footage is perfect, compared to not having had it at all.

    Finally, the product is easy to use and comes in a neat package and usually it’s very self explanatory to use it. But if you by any chance need to get in touch with product support it’s one of the best I’ve been involved with – ever.

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