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Jensen Hands Free Headset Reviews

Jensen Hands Free Telephone Headset is an over-the-ear headset which is compatible with any cellular or cordless phone. The best thing about this headset is the quality you get at such a low price. The headsets greatest advantage is the sound clarity you get at either end of the conversation. Because this headset has both a boom microphone as well as a widescreen, outside noise interference is at a minimum and you’re never caught yelling into your microphone in a crowded room. Check out the low prices for this hands free telephone headset.

This headsets shape, as well as the microphone, can be adjusted to fit the natural curves of one’s face making it comfortable to wear. While a couple of people have noted that the headset was uncomfortable for them to wear, the majority found that it was comfortable and easy to wear.

The overall quality of the headset is good, and most had to be replaced because of user error, or normal wear and tear. Because the headsets cord is over 4 feet long, it can get caught on things causing a short in the wire. A number of headsets had to be replaced only after they had been used for long periods of time, or several times a day for up to two years. Some found the size of this headset to be a bit large to be carried in a pocketbook, or in luggage during travel. If corded headsets are not your thing, consider hollow air tube headsets.

Overall, this is a great headset for the price. The sound quality is exceptional, and it is easy to use and wear. The price of this headset, coupled with the sound, makes it easily replaceable should it be lost or worn out. If you are not convinced, you can read more reviews about this headset. A number of people remain loyal to this headset and recommend buying more than one.

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