Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset (Gloss Black)

Purchasing the Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset (Gloss Black) is simple when you have reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset (Gloss Black).

Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset (Gloss Black)

  • Compact, Thin Shape
  • Open-Air Design
  • Noise Suppression Technology
  • 13Mm Speaker Plays Crisp & Loud
  • Simple round shape
  • 13mm speaker for rich sound
  • Magnetic attachment to three different charging docks
  • Open Air – no ear insert
  • Separate left and right ear clips for comfort


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Buying Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

The Nica Sunrise Bluetooth Headset is a Premium Open Air mono headset offering excellent receive-side acoustics and very good send-side noise suppression. The Nica Sunrise headset is designed for complete comfort with its thin, compact body, and no ear insert. The Nica Sunrise Headset comes with a USB mini-charger and AC adapter with USB charging port. The mini-charger may be plugged into any USB port to charge the headset. Nica also includes separate left and right ear clips for a comfortable fit.

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

3 Responses to “Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset (Gloss Black)

  • Review by Larry

    If you’re a lover of the high tech communication devices out there, you might have seen the Nica Maverick Bluetooth headset since it was released a little over a year ago. Some of you might have ponyed up to the relatively high price tag to get what is an extremely small, yet stylish, Bluetooth earpiece headset. The original Maverick was groundbreaking in its own right but the folks at Maverick went way beyond those outer boundries they already breached by releasing the new Maverick Sunrise!

    The original Nica was nice but had some issues. The construction seemed a little cheap and the switches and buttons didn’t seem to be up to the task for long term use. The on/off button was the first whose operation became a little suspect. The new Sunrise addresses any and all issues in spades! While the original Nica was diminutive, unbelievably, the Sunrise has gotten smaller. Somehow, while the same overall dimensions, it got thinner! And the overall quality of construction is like night and day compared to the original. Original Nica users will be head over heels with the changes and new users will undoubtedly be impressed with the overall quality of the unit.

    Right out of the box, the new Sunrise just feels a lot tighter and much better constructed. The two earpieces (the right side installed and the left included) are little metal and rubber works of art compared to the cheaper feeling and flimsier plastic originals that only snapped into a little hole. Included in the kit is a small screwdriver to switch them out. You might need to use a magnifying glass to do this but, keep in mind, when you’re dealing with a headset that is so small in size, everything about it is going to be small. But the exercise here is to get a non-obtrusive headset that we can wear and not look like Lando Calrissian’s silent assistant back on Cloud City. Once on your ear the little Sunrise is quite secure without the feeling of being sort of clamped on like the older Nica. When wearing the original unit for several hours one’s ear could actually get sore. I haven’t experienced this with the new unit but have noticed that it does sit tighter and more flush to the ear feeling more comfortable.

    In fact the only real complaint about the new Sunrise is that the buttons are so small as to be difficult to use. Of course, the reality of this issue is that the buttons couldn’t be larger on such a small unit. Thankfully, the small button complaint only effects the answer call button. Most users, myself included, will never turn the unit off. It doesn’t need to be powered down during charging. So once it is on that switch can pretty much be ignored. The unit’s volume buttons set a new standard in tiny but, since volume can be controlled via your phone, this one can also survive untouched. The answer call button does take time to learn how to find by feel since it is rather flush with the side of the unit and I don’t envy trying to answer calls outside in winter wearing gloves. But most touch screen smart phone users already know that they have to give up on the luxury of gloves when trying to do anything on their phones. I did miss a few calls at first trying to find the answer call button.

    Maverick has always had charging systems that are as sexy and well designed as the headsets themselves. The desktop charger holds the unit magnetically and actually looks nice on a desktop. The 12 volt car charger is of the same design and gives the unit a handy place to sit while not being used. Included with the new Sunrise is a very handy little wall charger that also holds the unit magnetically but is almost identical in size to the headset. I almost like it better because, being small and magnetic, I can let it attach itself to a metal table leg next to wear I sit and have it out of the way.

    It would appear that, over time, the wearing of Bluetooth headsets has become a little passe. I’ve seen a dating guide or two where women recommend steering away from men who have electronic devices with flashing lights stuck to the side of their faces for fear that they are too wrapped up in themselves and/or their businesses or friends. That being said, the need for these devices is obvious. I’ve often wondered how some people can just sit there all day holding a phone to their ear much less try to eat, drink, or drive while doing so. Apparently I am not alone in this as it is now illegal to use a hand held phone while driving in many states. It is easy to understand that you can get a whole lot more done having both hands free. So the goal would seem to have one of these handy little devices but not LOOK like you have one of these handy little devices. The little Maverick Sunrise is the best thing going today in the Bluetooth world. It certainly doesn’t look like any other headset on the market today and doesn’t have a little microphone arm protruding halfway down.

  • Review by Rohit

    Originally I got the first Maverick headset because I thought it looked better than most of the other headsets out there. The idea behind it was the same as this one, a circular headset without a boom or anything reaching into my ear. Unfortunately, that headset was terrible. It looked fat and cheap and started to appear scratched up and dirty very quickly. And the ear hook broke almost immediately. Sure it was super comfortable, but that doesn’t do me any good when I can’t wear it because it’s broken!

    Their customer service was good, replacing my ear hook very quickly. But then the ear hook broke again. And they replaced it again. And it broke again.

    Then their customer service replaced my old original Nica headset (at that time I was just about ready to throw it in the trash) with this new one for free! And this one is way better. It’s just as comfortable as the old one, but it’s smaller and it looks a lot nicer. Also, it has some kind of scratch resistant coating on it and has metal ear hooks (with rubber) that certainly won’t break this time. The buttons were a little small at first, but once you get used to them, they’re easy to use.

    All in all, I wish this was the product that I had started out with. And it is definitely worth buying, especially with the great customer service. The only reason that it gets 4 stars is that it’s a little pricey at 79. It seems like other headsets in the same price range have more features like downloadable apps.

  • Review by Illusion

    I bought this item primarily because of its ability to automatically reconnect with my phone when I get into the car. I leave the headset in the car always. I bought the car charger dock. The system works flawlessly, exactly as the manufacturer said it would. The receive side acoustics are excellent with pretty good transmit side acoustics. Again, exactly as the manufacture stated. Nice that they do not over promise and under deliver.


    You can call the company for help and they will actually answer the phone and you can talk to a person who really seems to know what they are talking about.

    Headset is light

    Very loud speaker. No trouble hearing.

    Very well made product.


    Buttons for answer and volume are difficult to use. Very small and limited tactile feedback.

    Can be tough to put on and take off with glasses as it uses an ear hook.

    Transmit side acoustics could be better. No where near the quality of Jawbone headsets.

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