Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset

If you are looking to buy Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset, make sure to read the features first. There are 54 reviews for this priced cheap Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset.

Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset

  • Digital speaker
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Padded ear cup and adjustable earband
  • Optimized for Windows Live Messenger
  • Wireless headset convenience


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • What is the range of this product?

Microsoft Life Chat LX-3000. This comfortable headset features a Windows Live Call Button that makes calling fast and easy wireless 2.4-GHz technology up to 30 feet and an advanced battery that lets you talk up to eight hours between charges. Digital Speaker; Advanced speaker deliver crystal-clear audio.;Noise-cancelling Microphone The noise-cancelling microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity. Padded Ear Cup and Adjustable Earband Comfortable earpiece and

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Rating: (stars out of 54 reviews)

Price: $ 24.00

5 Responses to “Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset

  • Review by Amanda J. Meerdink

    Amanda J. Meerdink
    I needed a new headset to use with Ventrillo, online voice chat for gaming, and I needed two requirements: 1. must go through the USB port because my mic port is broken, and 2. must be wireless because I constantly trip over the wire on my Logitech headset when making quick trips from the computer to the kitchen… which is why my Logitech headset broke in the first place.

    This Microsoft headset fits both requirements, so I bought it. Unfortunately, the sound quality is HORRIBLE. It sounds like you are talking over the phone, like someone calling in to a radio show. It is NOT crystal-clear sound at all. My guild mates on Ventrillo laughed at me so much that I put this headset aside and slapped my Logitech headset together with masking tape.

  • Review by Al Couve

    Al Couve
    I want a wireless headset for Skype and maybe some gaming. I thought the ZX-6000 was it, but it’s not. Not even close!

    First, the sound can get really bottom out. Sometimes my Skype friends sound like gurgly lagoon monsters, hungry and ready to feed. I can’t hear the mid or high ranges of their voices. And the connection seems unstable, causing pops and drop-outs. So I take it back, lagoon monsters may be more coherent. Initially I thought this was a Skype problem but I plugged in my wired headset and I could hear them clearly.

    I like the headset design, but it doesn’t feel comfortable on my ear. I imagine if my grandma took out her dentures and sucked on my ear I could get the same sensation. It’s OK for a few minutes, but after that, I can’t take it anymore….wearing the headset, that is.

    Volume levels are fine and the volume buttons work, as does the power button. The call button, on the other hand, is an anomoly. It does nothing unless you use voice on Windows Live Messenger. And even then, you have to install software. The button doesn’t work for Skype or Yahoo. But what annoys me the most is that button would serve much better as a microphone mute button. This headset does not have a mic mute! Volume and mic mute controls are essetial on any headset! How could you not have mic mute!

    So those are my big gripes. A few other things that annoy me:

    1) The USB receiver is large considering the dongles that come with mice and other peripherals are pretty small nowadays. It also has a cord, which is good if you want to set the receiver on your desk, but I prefer just a small USB dongle that plugs directly into my PC. I bought a wireless headset to…forego wires, not take one off the headset and add it to the receiver.

    2) It would be nice if the headset was Bluetooth so I could use it with my cellphone. As it stands, it just works with PCs. I know, I’m probably asking too much seeing how Microsoft overlooked some of the more basic elements like a MIC MUTE!

    I want to use a wireless headset, but there’s not much to like about this one. I regret purchasing this headset. I just hope my $[…] rebate comes through to soften the blow.

  • Review by Jin Uk Jung

    Jin Uk Jung
    I expected this to be working with my xbox 360…

    b/c it looks the same with the 360 wireless headset.

    The problem(for 360ers) is that it doesn’t have sync button to use with controller.

    wondered why this, even with the receiver, could be cheaper than the wireless headset for 360…

    the bundled receiver works for wireless 360 controllers on computer though.

    just wanted to warn you guys not to make the same mistake that I made.

    I’m struggling installing the driver on my computer.

    Amazon should make this product not show up at xbox 360 section.

  • Review by D. Pons

    D. Pons
    Well I bought this headset with the expectation of being able to speak with my friends in Ventrilo on our gaming sessions. The headset is comfortable to wear, light and the battery lasts for hours.

    I agree that the sound quality could be better, but since I want it to hear people speak and not to listen to the 5.1 version of Dark Side of the Moon it serves it’s purpose. My friends hear me and understand me perfectly and I hear them and understand them as well.

    So as I stated on the title… Working as Intended

  • Review by F. Chaudhry

    F. Chaudhry
    I’ve seen many people run into the issue of the headset not syncing to the receiver, which really eliminates the plug and play aspect of this device. Due to the poor documentation that comes with device I thought I would share what I discovered to fix this common issue:

    Once everything is installed to the point where the XBox360 receiver is showing in the Device Manager (not under the sound, video, and game controllers section) I did the following,

    *Pressed the sync button on the USB receiver to where the green light started blinking.

    *Pressed and held down the power button to turn on and force my headset to sync.

    Once I did this the headset was detected, the four flashing lights turned solid, and an extra audio device showed up under the sound, video and game controllers section of the Device Manager.

    I was then able to follow the following instructions, starting from Step 2, to setup my OS to use the headset:

    I hope this helps out others experiencing this issue and if you are thinking about purchaing this headset, it would do it from some place where you can return it. You may not find the sound quality to be any good.

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