Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets

Cheap prices for Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets

  • Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist
  • It can pair “rider to rider” or “rider to pillion”.
  • It can pair 3 interphones at a time, and easily switch to any 2 of them.
  • Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone or MP3 Stereo music
  • 500 meters Intercom range for drivers and passengers


For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

Buying Guide Questions

  • What color would you prefer?
  • How easy is it to use?

This listing is for a brand new & factory sealed shark shkMBT88I Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headset system. There are 2 headsets included in this syetm for 2 riders. This is perfect for motorcycle riders, clubs, and skiiers.

This is a very high end system as it allows 3 riders to connect to each other at a time (of course you will have to buy another system to get to 3). The range that the 2 riders can connect to is unheard of 1640 feet (500 meters).

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2 Responses to “Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets

  • Review by Charles NJ

    Smaller than I had expected, but buttons work fine with bike gloves on. Cell phone (iPhone) connection is clear at both ends of the call. Mike boom is is 6 inches long but works fine on my (XL) full face helmet. Definite plus is the mini USB charging. Comes with euro style round two prong USB wall charger, but no worries it’s cheap to get US version or plug adapter; I think best to use a cheap powered USB hub as charge point for both the units. Audio is fine for phone and bearable for music. Note have not tried the A2DP bluetooth music yet (waiting for the iPhone 3.0 update!) (I tried the music by plugging head cable direct to music player.) Better price than other pairs out there, and pretty solidly built. Note that I think in the manual they have the buttons labeled wrong way round in the picture – triangle button is phone/play, the other (helmet pic) button is power /interphone.

    If the btbiker web site is to be believed the profits go to a kids charity. Bought through from Gooddeals18 through Amazon and it arrived in about a day!

    Update: Went on long ride yesterday with this unit fitted and in frequent use – including highway – excellent reception and battery lasted fine, even though out for over 4 hours. Got caught riding in serious thunderstorm downpours for a couple of hours, yet the device held up no problem, so clearly it is VERY weatherproof. At highway speeds, some wind noise from where unit attaches to helmet – but certainly acceptable and maybe could be reduced by repositioning. Would re-rated this thing to 5 stars if I could.

  • Review by James Moscardini

    Quick shipping. Nicely packaged. The instructions were just OK. Better diagrams showing programing sequences would be helpful. I worry that the module may come loose from the holder bracket, but so far it’s stayed put. Sound quality is fine. Let’s face it folks – we’re on friggin motorcycles. If you want concert music, stay in your Lexus. The Mike booms are a bit short for my full face helmet and the Mike doesn’t quite make it to my lips. I hear the caller fine, but my voice if badly muffled. Music plays quite well, and the shift from music to phone to music is seamless. I haven’t used them as intercoms or B2B, so no comment other than the sets paired fairly easily. If you have a three quarter helmet these fit great. If you have a full face, depending on ear pad position, these might be a stretch. However, the bottom line is this: would I buy them again? Yes. Would I recommend them to a friend? After explaining their limitations – Yes. Enjoy.

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