Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Fire Red [Motorola Retail Packaging]

If you are looking to buy Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Fire Red [Motorola Retail Packaging], make sure to read the features first. There are 42 reviews for this priced cheap Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Fire Red [Motorola Retail Packaging].

Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Fire Red [Motorola Retail Packaging]

  • Compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 phones
  • Sleek design
  • 1 year warranty
  • Experience Pure Sound and Impressive Call Clarity from this Compact Headset with Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Lets You Talk Handsfree


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

Experience pure sound and impressive call clarity from this compact headset with advanced noise reduction. RapidConnect┬┐ powers it on or off. Advanced Audio — noise and echo have met their match. Introducing the first Motorola Bluetooth┬« headset with noise reduction. Hear and be heard anywhere. Designed for Comfort — Motorola’s lightest headset to date. Compact, discreet design makes long calls more comfortable. Easy On and Off — flip open the mic for calls, fold when you’re finished with M

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Rating: (stars out of 42 reviews)

Price: $ 49.95

5 Responses to “Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Fire Red [Motorola Retail Packaging]

  • Review by M. Pickering

    M. Pickering
    I have spent hundreds of dollars on Bluetooth headsets over the past few years. It seems as though I am buying a new wireless headset for my cell phone at least once a year. Now that my wife and oldest daughter have Bluetooth enabled cell phones, I find myself buying a new headset every few months. I have tried several makes and models and I have found that I usually prefer the Motorola models the best. The H700 is no dissapointment. I bought this Fire Red model for my wife, to match her new Samsung U470 “Juke” cell phone. The color match isn’t perfect (I think the Fire Red is made specifically for the Moto Krazr) but the deep, metalic red is as close as I could find in the Motorola line.

    The H700 will impress most people right out of the package. The primary function button (the big button on the face of the unit) is surrounded by a LED lit ring. The cool part is this ring displays several different colors of light; each having its own meaning. When you are charging the headset the LED will be lit a steady Red, if the battery level is less than 80% charged. It will change to a steady Yellow if more than 80% charged. It will turn to a steady Green once the battery is fully charged. The light will be a steady Purple while in pairing mode and will give a slow pulsing Blue color when connected to a call. The Blue pulse is much quicker when in standby mode (not on a call).

    The headset can be used on either your left or right ear and is very simple to operate. Pairing this headset with your Bluetooth device is effortless. My favorite feature of this headset is the lack of a power button. That’s right, you don’t have to remember to turn the headset on or off. To turn it on you simply flip open the boom mic. To shut it off you obviously flip the boom mic back to the closed position. It’s that simple; no holding a tiny power button in for several seconds to turn it on and off, like most other headsets require. This unit is extremely light and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The soft, flexible earhook holds the headset securely to the ear, allowing the speaker to rest gently against your ear. It is so light that many people may feel as though the headset will fall off easily. Although tipping your head at an extreme angle will allow the speaker to pull away from your ear slightly, the earhook prevents it from falling off. Even when the speaker falls slightly away from your ear, you can still hear the audio quite well. The audio quality of the speaker is quite good, although lacking some depth in the frequency range. The output quality of the mic seems pretty good as well; as many of my family members and friends have reported after I called them. Background noise picked up in the boom mic is present but minimal. The H700 is rated for 6 hours of talk time and 130 hours of standby time. I talk on mine about an hour per day (Monday through Friday) and I only charge it once per week.

    I have not found ANY Bluetooth device to be without flaws. The reception of this H700 is better than many but still produces static and pops when moving away from cell phone more than 8 to 10 feet. I am a bit dissapointed with Bluetooth wireless technology overall. Even the claimed range of 30 feet seems a bit low, considering most of today’s cordless devices work flawlessly at much greater distances. With Bluetooth you are lucky to get 10 to 15 feet before the reception starts to break up, and between 20 and 30 feet you will usually find your signal dropping out entirely. This is why Bluetooth wireless keyboards and mice will never replace the 2.4 GHz USB technology that has been proven to work so well in the consumer computer market. The Motorola H700 headset works as well, if not better, than many other Bluetooth models on the market today. I am giving this model 4 stars (actually I consider it to be 4 and 1/2 stars) and would highly recommend it to others. My biggest complaint is the cost of this Fire Red colored model. I paid nearly $70 for this color and yet I ordered another H700 in the standard black and silver color for only $32. So the color alone demanded an extra $36! The metalic blue, plumb, and gold colored versions sell for a premium as well. I guess we just have to accept paying more for the added style that these other colors provide. =o)

  • Review by Pen

    This is my first wireless headset and I love it. It’s very lightweight and was easy to connect with my RAZR V3r. My friends say that they have no problems hearing me and I can hear them just fine. I was able to walk away about 20 feet from my cellphone before the connection got bad.

    Update on 1/28/07: Only one con so far: custom ring tones on your phone won’t work when the headset is in use.

  • Review by Glenn R. Vandergriff

    Glenn R. Vandergriff
    I bought two of these H700 Headsets, so I could have one on while one charges. However, I have never had one run down in a day and, since I charge my phone (a Fire MotoKRZR) and Headset at night, the second one has been riding in my camera bag and not getting any use. I put it on when I get up in the morning and wear it all day. It’s so light I forget I have it on and the sound is very good. It connects very quickly and disconnects just as fast when closed. I like the small size it is when closed, too. I highly recommemd the Motorola H700.

  • Review by SmartShopper

    I have never used a Bluetooth headset so this is my first experience with this gadget. I absolutely love the color, because it matches my Razr. It’s small and light so you don’t feel like you’re being weighed down. The communication is clear. I’m not a big talker but I needed a hands-free method of speaking on the cell while driving and felt that wireless was the way to go. The only downfall I find is that it is another gadget you have to charge. The charge on this headset does not appear to last as long as I thought it would. If you don’t mind having to charge another gadget, I highly recommend it.

  • Review by D. Sparkman

    D. Sparkman
    Had a bluetooth that came with my phone (I think the H530?) and it drove me crazy…didn’t fit good, poor sound quality, difficulty making calls. The H700 fits alot better…stays put around my ear much better. Nice and small. Great sound quality. Using the voice tag feature is still a little annoying, but it may be me or my phone (it sometimes has difficulty recognizing the tag and it occasionally connects but neither party can hear the other). Overall, I’m pretty pleased.

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