Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Lowest costs for Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset can be found online. There are reviews for this priced cheap Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset.

Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset

  • electronic components
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You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

Experience Bluetooth wireless connectivity like never before with the Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset. The H300 features and intuitive call button that enables you to place receive or end calls with a simple touch. This Bluetooth 1.2 compliant headset provides an amazing 30 hours of talk time or 20 days of standby time from a single ‘AAA’ battery. The ergonomic design of the H300 is lightweight and comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

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2 Responses to “Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

  • Review by Bancroft Thorne "Captbanny"

    These are great If it goes dead all you have to do is put in a new battery and you are back up and running in less than a min. You don’t have to stop using it while it charges Have had no problem in having the set making the calls to whom I wanted to talk to, not who it wanted me to talk to as some of the other more expensive ones I have tried. Just all around great headset.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Works well, lasts a long time. And it’s nice that you can just replace the battery on the fly. It is heavier then regular rechargable bluetooth ear pieces but not to bad, it’s a little heavier then a AAA battery.

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