Motorola H385 Bluetooth Headset (Silver)

Planning to buy Motorola H385 Bluetooth Headset (Silver) so make sure to read the reviews. There are 50 reviews for this priced cheap Motorola H385 Bluetooth Headset (Silver).

Motorola H385 Bluetooth Headset (Silver)

  • Easy Pair technology helps simplify connecting to compatible Bluetooth enabled devices
  • More comfortable design following rigorous study of the ear
  • Battery check feature clearly shows when it’s time to recharge
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 200 hours of standby time


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LG Bluetooth Headset is big on comfort, convenience, and performance. Over-Ear model is stylish and comfortable and easy to use with 180-degree rotation for right and left ear use. Bluetooth headset allows the user to have wireless communication anytime anywhere. Call Handling made easy: Bluetooth functions include volume control, last number redial, call reject, and supports voice dialing with 3-way calling and call waiting! Up to 6 hours talk time or up to 200 hours standby time.

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Rating: (stars out of 50 reviews)

Price: $ 17.99

7 Responses to “Motorola H385 Bluetooth Headset (Silver)

  • Review by Prenta N.

    Prenta N.
    I got this headset to go with a Motorola Karma. The reception is loud and clear. I love the fact that the blue light is teeny and discreet, and the whole headset is compact, about 2″ long. I’m surprised that the ear hook is as comfortable as it is. It’s hard but flexible. I expected it to chafe, but it’s fine, though I don’t keep the headset on for more than a few hours at a time. My shipment came with only the round earbud, which fortunately fits me fine.

    It seems to work for a long time on one charge, but I’ve only had it for a week–about 15 hours of use, enough time for one recharge, and the charge is still over 80%. I tend to keep it turned off when not in use, which may affect how long the charge lasts.

    There’s some minor interference when a microwave oven is running, but it affects only me, not the other person.

    This headset gets my stamp of approval and recommendation.

    EDIT: It’s been about three months and I still recommend this headset. One problem that started happening a while ago (maybe a couple months?) is that the rubber earbud slips off easily. I glued it in place, but it didn’t hold for very long. Another type of adhesive would probably work better, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  • Review by Ravenskya

    I didn’t buy this for a phone – I bought this for my husband who is obsessed with playing Modern Warfare on our PS3. He had been dying for a chance to finally get to coordinate attacks with the other people on the Playstation Network. I had avoided getting him one because I figured it would just encourage more playing.

    But then someone told me that you could use any bluetooth headset with the PS3. So I snagged one of these off of the shopping god, Amazon. After a little confusion in the part of set up (because SOMEONE won’t read the instructions) we charged this bad boy up and he was chattering away.

    And then I discovered the wonder that I had never known… if he has the headset on – the rest of the babbling idiots are not cursing over my TV as the kids walk by. Now it’s not silent, the gunshots and background music still play, but I don’t have to listen to a bunch of 12 year olds who just learned the F bomb drop it every chance they get. It’s like a miracle! Had I known this I would have bought him one long ago.

    I haven’t tried it on, but he says that it’s comfortable and he played for several hours with no issues so the charge must be okay. I can’t comment on the quality in regards to a cell phone, but for the PS3 it’s working like a champ.

    Highly recommended for people who are tired of listening to idiots screaming over their TV while someone else is playing the PS3.

  • Review by B. Belcher

    B. Belcher
    This is my first bluetooth headset. I’ve had it about a week, and have probably made/received 10 or so calls on it. I really only use it while driving.

    Positives: Amazon’s frustration-free packaging was nice, but opening a clam shell package really isn’t that big of a deal either, in my opinion. It paired very easily with my cheap Verizon brand phone, although it had audio problems with my wife’s Samsung phone (I’m pretty sure it’s because the phone is 3-4 years old). The sound quality seems very good, though I’m no expert. Sounds as good or better than using the phone alone, and the person on the other end always says they can’t tell the difference.

    Negatives: I know the fit of these things can vary greatly from person to person, but I just don’t really like the way thing fits (or should I say hangs loosely) on my ear. The ear bud doesn’t fit snugly, so it’s basically just hanging on by the plastic loop. It’s not going to fall off, but it does move around quite a bit if you move your head quickly. Also, the 2 outside buttons are difficult to use (think of the flat, no-profile buttons on a gas station pump). The power button almost requires a fingernail it’s so small. The call/pickup button requires you to push the thing into your ear pretty hard in order to depress it, since there’s really no way to grip the thing. And it can be hard to tell if you’ve pressed it or not – there’s no audible click, or even one that you can feel, really.

    Overall, I’d say it’s not terrible, but not great. I don’t use it enough to return it or buy anything more expensive, and I can make it work the way it is. If I had to describe it in one word: “meh”.

  • Review by DHO

    I have owned 2 of these headsets.

    They are an outstanding value for the price. The sound quality that you hear is pretty good, though, at times I wish the headset could be louder. The sound quality on the other end is intermediate; people at the other end often complain of an echo, but usually do not have an issue following the conversation.

    The big draw back to this headset is the wire ear loop. It is flimsy and can easily break and I have had i happen a couple times. But, I continue to buy new ones because of the value…. not many other descent headsets for $20. More expensive units definitely offer better sounds quality at both ends, but is it worth the money?

  • Review by Lynda F. Durand

    Lynda F. Durand
    This one was to replace one I lost. It’s the best one I’ve found. It’s clarity is amazing!!!

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