Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset (Silver) Reviews

When buying Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset (Silver) make sure to ask yourself the right questions. There are 81 reviews for this priced cheap Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset (Silver).

Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset (Silver)

  • CrystalTalk technology reduces everyday noise
  • Motorola’s thinnest dual-mic headset
  • Over 2 hrs of talk time from just 15 minutes of charging
  • Up to 7 days of standby time
  • Multipoint Technology allows user to connect to two phones at the same time

Many people buy the power adapter for vehicles from Motorola. It charges the Motorola H790 very quickly when you are driving your car. It has a micro USB adapter that works perfectly for this headset. Check out the reviews of this charger.


In many states, there are fines for people who are caught talking on a cell phone. Talk in your car without fear of the police pulling you over and giving you a ticket.
You might be able to stream music from the iPhone with the Motorola h790 to your ears too.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

With CrystalTalk technology, the Motorola H790 cancels out background nois to deliver excellent sound quality. Using voice prompts, you’ll hear how to pair your device, when mute is on and which phone is ringing.At just 7.1 millimeters thick, the Motorola H790 is Motorola’s thinnest headset yet. This slim device relies on Motorola’s CrystalTalk™ technology to cancel noise and provide wind resistance for optimum call clarity. Additionally, advanced features such as MultiPoint Technology and au

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

Rating: (stars out of 81 reviews)

Price: Too low to display

5 Responses to “Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset (Silver) Reviews

  • Review by C. Goedken

    C. Goedken
    I bought this just last week, so I haven’t used it a ton yet, but my preliminary use has been excellent! I’ve tried only a couple different models (Motorola’s H710 and Plantronics Explorer), both of which did not provide enough noise cancelling. The H790 though, has done a pretty god job so far. I have my wife wear it and call me from a few different locations, that way I get to experience what other people might experience when I’m talking to them.

    The H790 sounds excellent in normal, quiet conditions (house with low TV, car with windows up); you can hardly tell they’re on the Bluetooth, it really does sound just like being on the handset. With windows down at a stop light with trucks next door, I could start to hear a very faint fuzz in the background, but it didn’t diminish my wife’s voice at all and she still came over crystal clear. Once she started driving with the windows down, though, I could start to hear the fuzz build in volume, still, it wasn’t enough to drown out her voice and I could hear her just fine. We didn’t try it in a crowd yet.

    The design is super slim, the ear loop swivels around for compact carrying and it’s very lightweight. The H790 talks to you (you have an incoming call, connected with phone 1, etc), which can be turned off. It has a cool off/on button so you can see at a glance whether or not the device is on. It can be paired with two phones at once, which is one of those great technical advancements.

    So far, it’s much better than the H710 or Plantronics, which both left your voice sounding hollow and metallic with a rushing river sound in the background. Hopefully this one will last a long time, unlike the H710, which started cutting out and not connecting after several months, and eventually becoming too fuzzy to hear what the person was saying.

  • Review by g


    Update: Volume issues with Apple iPhone is a known issue with iPhone and ALL makes of Bluetooth headsets (Jabra, Jawbone, Motorola, plantronics etc), not this headset in particular.

    See references from apples own iphone forums:


    “Jabra bluetooth headset BT620s, even on its lowest setting the volume is too loud. My understanding is that the iphone 3.1.2 software does not permit an adjustment to the output volume to a bluetooth device. Can anyone comment on this? ”


    “Yes, I too have the same problem, in that I cannot control the volume of the music being streamed to my Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 bluetooth headphones, via either the hardware or software volume controls on my iPhone 3GS.

    The volume level seems to be “locked” when the headphones are used, and it is locked at such a high level, the listening to streamed music would probably damage your hearing!”

    There are over 100 postings on Apple’s site about too high volume and hundreds more on too low volume on BT headsets of all makes. It is an iPhone issue.


    I read “Michael from Baltimore” review and want to not for readers that his two big complaints are factually wrong.

    1. charging via USB. The current standard for most new phones and 99% of upcoming phone is USB MICRO for charging and data transfer. Look down at a Palm Pre, a Palm Pro, an HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC HERO, the Motorola, Blackberry, and Nokia lineup coming in 2010 — it is Micro USB just like this bleutooth headset. Apple after resisting has announce it it will be changing the iphone, itouch to usb micro next year as well.

    The implication by Michael that Motorola is some how “off standard” when it is actually one of the headsets that is totally ON USB charging standard and most consumer friendly for charging.

    In short the h790 will charge from a USB micro cable connected to your laptop or pc, its own charger, or chargers made by Palm, HTC, and most newer phones for the wall socket or cigarette lighter and 99% of phones that are upcoming!

    It is 100% standard 5v usb micro with zero proprietary pinout or no proprietary shape. 100% standard and THE standard for accessories and phones by international agreement.

    because the h790 is THE USB standard you spend less money and have to lug around less cables and chargers.

    2. On volume, the volume control rocker works perfectly on our H790’s. Read the manual, in fact you can remap them depending on how you want to orient the headset and what you are used to. maybe Michael hasn’t read the manual. Also Michael is saying he is changing volume via his iPhone. Of course this often wont affect bluetooth headsets that have their own volume control! The fact is you can lower the volume to whisper quiet if you like

    Sorry to sound so harsh but the three star review by Michael is the result of his own not knowing that all newer phones have or will have the same exact USB charge port, instead of the zillion proprietary usb and non usb that existed in the past (including ipohone which will change to the same as the one on this headset in a few months!) and his not reading the manual or knowing how his phone and headset work when it comes to volume.

    Now onto my mini review. I completely agree with C Goedken. Five stars.

    Sound quality: The sound quality is on par with top of the line headsets like Jawbone and BlueAnt (both excellent as well). It is very clear. Noise cancellation which is very poorly implemented on some $100 headsets works well.

    Ease of pairing: Very simple and easy to do

    Comfort/fit: The device is incredibly light and comfortable. I found it very stable with just the ear plug, but use the attached light and comfortable over ear wire when jogging.

    Ease of charging: uses the standard agreed to by all the major phone and accessory makers, now widely implemented and soon to be universal, USB micro. all usb micro cables and chargers I tried it with charged it fine.

    Look: nice and clean look , very understated without looking like a startrek wannabee or piece of jewelry.

    Range: Average to above average and I have owned or regularly used about half a dozen BT headsets.

    Battery life: Average overall, above average for smaller superlight headsets. Have done three hours without having a problem but have not tried a full drain test.

  • Review by Electronics Crazed

    Electronics Crazed
    Iv’e tried many models of HP headsets along with other brands and they all have had something I didn’t care for. Either sound quality wasn’t good, the volume wasn’t loud enough, too bulky, hard to use, or the battery just didn’t last. Not this one, I can honestly say this one fit the bill on every count. I have tried a bunch of headsets and enjoyed the use of liberal return policies form various local retailers. So don’t waste your time with others and just get this one. Amazon also has the best price on this one as well. Everything you need is in the box, headset, 5 assorted ear buds/shapes. ear loop and charger.

  • Review by Gerald Kolasch

    Gerald Kolasch
    after testing the jawbone icon, plantronics voyager pro & discovery 975, motorola H17 and Jabra BT2000, i opted for the H790.

    Here are the reasons:

    -sound quality is among the best, if not the best (sometimes there is a slight echo, but most of the ones i tried have that. it is not often though)

    -volume level is incredible – finally a headset i can hear even if i don;t have it turned all the way up!

    -clear reception on the other end as well.

    -Size matters! i don’t like big intrusive headsets. This one is sleek, stylish and inconspicuous.

    -battery is very good and easily outlasts my phone.

    -noise cancellation is good (the only one better in this category is the jawbone icon). I use it in airports with no problems.

    -the fit is good, a little loose at first (hint: you can put jawbone eartips on this headset for a more secure fit). its best to wear it with the earloop.

    -all the buttons are funtionally placed and designed – separate on/off switch is a plus.

    -last not least: a fair price. don’t get me wrong; i would drop $120 into a headset in a heartbeat if its worth it – unfortunately none of them are.

    Hope this helps in your decision making.

  • Review by Robert G. Nankivell

    Robert G. Nankivell
    No one tells me that I sound like I’m talking out of a can or that I’m on some type of device. I also can hear them very well. I recommend this Blue Tooth highly.

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