Motorola HK210 Universal Bluetooth Headsets

Planning to buy Motorola HK210 Universal Bluetooth Headsest – Black/Dark Gray – Retail Packaging so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Motorola HK210 Universal Bluetooth Headsets.

Motorola HK210 Universal Bluetooth Headsets

  • Noise, echo and wind reduction make your voice clear.
  • This headset tells you when you are connected, battery level, and if mute is on with audible voice prompts.
  • Lightweight and stable TrueComfort? design provides the best fit.
  • Motorola retail packaging includes: HK210 Bluetooth Headset, 1 Ear Gel, 1 Ear Hook, Wall Charger, Quick Start Guide. Packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • Choose “ships from and sold by” product to ensure new, authentic Motorola product. All new Motorola product has an authentic hologram label.


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • Does the cell phone headset work in a car environment? Truck? On the streets?

Part of the Essential Series, the HK210 Universal Bluetooth Headset reduces background noise and is easy to use. Simple voice prompts tell you how to connect to your phone and give you updates. HK210 features 1 mic noise reduction, 5 mile per hour wind reduction, 8 hours of talk time, and 8 days of standby time.

Check out the other customer’s reviews before making a purchase.

3 Responses to “Motorola HK210 Universal Bluetooth Headsets

  • Review by olive

    I ordered some other type of motorola bluetooth (which my friend said it’s good bluetooth) from a website, but they made mistake sent me this one. Turned out everyone likes this one, i tested it myself, the sounds very clear like someone talk next to you. I bought 2 more expensive bluetooth before, but they are not as good as this one, i love it.

  • Review by Keeno34

    This is by far the easiest, most compact, subtle bluetooth earpiece out there. Easy to use, sound is great and has good range. I had a $100 jawbone that didn’t even compare to this little motorola earpiece. I already got 3 of my co-workers to buy it and they love it. This is a MUST BUY product.

  • Review by QualityS

    Before purchasing this headset, I had two expensive BlueAnt headsets that I lost in less than 1 year. This Motorola one fits my ear better and is more comfortable to wear. I can hear clearly, but sometimes the person I’m on the phone with can hear background noise (like traffic, if I’m walking outside). The on/off and volume buttons are not easy to use. I can’t turn it on/off when I’m wearing it, and it took a few weeks for me to adjust the volume while I’m wearing it. I don’t mind that there are only 3 volume settings, although when in a quiet room the lowest volume setting is still too high for me, so I just move the earpiece a little away from my ear. Overall, for the price, I recommend this headset — it’s a good value.

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