Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

Cheap prices for Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headsets are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headsets.

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

  • Works with iPod and iPhone certified
  • On ear music controls lets you manage your music player – play, pause, next, previous, and volume – all from the headset
  • Bluetooth headset lets you listen to music or take phone calls wirelessly.
  • Up to 6.5 hours of talk time
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled music players and mobile phones from all leading manufacturers.


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Questions to Consider

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

The s305 wireless stereo headphones use Bluetooth technology to deliver style, performance and remarkable sound. Enjoy your music with suberb audio quality and without wires. Then, take or make a call with total clarity. The s305 has a lightweight design but a comfortable, snug fit.The Motorola MOTOROKR™ S305 Stereo Headset delivers style, performance, and remarkable sound for your iPhone, iPod, or other stereo-capable Bluetooth® device. This lightweight headset lets you make hands-free calls.

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2 Responses to “Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

  • Review by N. Nolle

    Call quality has been praised and I have never had anybody guess I was using speakerphone, headphones, in a well, etc. Battery life seems good, I can use them for approximately 5 or 6 hours without needing to recharge them. Recharging takes a touch less than 2 hours with the Micro-USB adapter.

    Overall: I am quite satisfied with my purchase. These are not exactly what I thought I would need, but are definitely functioning as I hoped they would. For the price paid, I do not expect them to last forever, but anticipate that when they do stop working, I will quickly order a replacement pair of the same model. In my estimation, of you are searching for a pair of headphones that you can use while exercising, if you are worried about sweating, and if you are not extremely demanding of your electronics, I would strongly suggest these headphones.

  • Review by Mark Twome

    Having so many controls in such a small space is initially confusing, but you can soon the get hang of it and certainly is done by one hand. I do not stop my bike just to change tracks! I usually have no problems clicking the correct button with my right hand.

    If I am slightly confused I can feel for lump where the headband is connected on the right, just beside this is the next-track button. Directly back from it is the back track, which I use to repeat a favorite song. Straight down is play/pause.

    Usage Tips:
    Set the volume of your music player to the maximum, and then control the volume using the headphones. In this way you get the best quality sound and the highest range of volume. Would recommend for casual users.

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